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Broussard: Spo and LeBron Had a Bond 'He Does Not Yet Have' With Blatt


With LeBron James' relationship with David Blatt under the microscope all season, Marc Hochman and Zach Krantz asked ESPN's Chris Broussard if LeBron liked having Erik Spoelstra more as his coach.

"I think they grew to like each other over the years," Broussard said of LeBron and Spo. "They went through wars together right? They went to four NBA Finals, two championships. Obviously they had a bond that he does not yet have with David Blatt."

Hochman continued to demand Broussard answer the question of whether LeBron prefers Spo to Blatt but Broussard didn't bite.

'You're looking for the internet headline," Broussard said. "You get one out of me every week. I'm hoping I haven't given you one this week."

Your hope has failed you, Broussard.

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