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Bodyguard: Oksana Grigorieva Seeking Big Pay Day From Mel Gibson

LOS ANGELES (CBS4) -- The Mel Gibson- Oksana Grigorieva feud is back in the spotlight. Last week, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office turned over its report on Oksana's extortion investigation. The district attorney will now review it and decide whether to charge Mel and or Oksana with a crime.

In the meantime, Oksana's former body guard is speaking out against her.

Oksana is either making up or grossly exaggerating the violence she says she suffered at the hands of actor Mel Gibson in order to get a big pay day, according to her former bodyguard.

In a series of interviews, Kris Herzog says he has personally seen the photos and videos that the former Russian singer and songwriter has compiled on Gibson in her quest to extract a hefty settlement.

"I absolutely believe she made up, either grossly exaggerated or simply completely fabricated almost every single charge against Mel Gibson. To get real big money," Herzog said.

Grigorieva, 40, and Gibson, 54, share a young daughter, named Lucia. The couple split in April 2010, and the breakup turned nasty when Grigorieva took out a restraining order on Gibson in June. Since then, pictures of Grigorieva's mangled face and several audio tapes of an angry, ranting Gibson have been released, evidence of Gibson's domestic violence, according to Grigorieva.

Herzog was hired as Grigorieva's bodyguard after she split from Gibson. She told Herzog that on Jan. 6, 2010, she returned home from a basketball game to find Gibson upset with her. She alleged that Gibson choked her, punched her several times, pulled out a gun, threatened her and physically chased her out of the house.

The publicized audio tapes, Herzog said, are not the full picture of the estranged couple's conversations. Herzog says out of four tapes that have been made public, there were more than 40 conversations, many in which Gibson tried to calm Grigorieva down and work things out.

Herzog does believe that in the dispute between Gibson and Grigorieva, there is more than meets the eye.

"She sat down with me at her laptop and showed me hundreds of photos and dozens and dozens of videos of their private home life and I saw Mel Gibson like the world used to see Mel Gibson before his unfortunate comments on the tapes which was a loving husband father boyfriend," said Herzog.

As for the reported $15 million settlement Gibson would pay Grigorieva, Herzog claimed she didn't think it was enough.

"She told me explicitly the reasons she said the things she said and the reason she did the things she did were in fact to get some retribution from Mel Gibson for the perceived wrongs he committed against her," Herzog said.

Herzog claims he had an affair with Oksana and after 7 months together they parted ways because he says he didn't agree with her legal strategy. He said he's coming forward now because, "it's the right thing to do."

Oksana's legal team says Herzog is a liar with a criminal record. Herzog has been subpoenaed by Mel Gibson's attorney and says he plans to testify. He's also shopping around a tell-all book.

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