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Anti-Trump Protesters Gather In Downtown Miami, Block Traffic

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Protesters gathered at Bayfront Park Friday night in a demonstration against president-elect Donald Trump.

Several hundred people showed up with signs, voicing their disagreement over Trump's stunning victory.

Miami police and Florida Highway Patrol officers followed along, making sure to keep the peace and prevent drivers on the road from clashing with the crowd.

Law enforcement blocked the 836, numerous streets, as well as exits for I-95 and 395, as they tried to protect marchers and drivers.

The protesters weaved through the city.

They gathered at Bayfront Park and headed north on Biscayne Boulevard before walking east on 395.

"I've been suffering since I found out the results of the election," said Daphne Perez. "I've been internalizing it so I decided to come out here and let it all out."

Some drivers were stuck for up to half an hour.

"It's not a good way to do that because they invaded the right of other people," said Juan Villalobos, who was struck in traffic.

The protesters blocked traffic on that road before heading back south on Biscayne Boulevard.

The crowd – which seemed to be moving organically – marched onto I-95.

Then they made their way back to Biscayne Boulevard, stopping at the Freedom Tower and winding up back at Bayfront Park.

Video from Chopper4 captured the largely peaceful protest.

The vast majority of the protest was peaceful, but an 11-year-old and her mom said while they were marching someone in a downtown high rise threw a bottle that hit the girl on the leg.

"The bottom went straight onto my leg bone and then it hit the ground. And it really hurt," said Aaliyana Smith.

You could see glass all over Biscayne Boulevard in front of the building.

"No one else got hurt, though, which I'm happy about that," said Aaliyana Smith.

Her mother brought her kids from Lake Worth to take part in the moment.

She said she's not angry, she just wants everyone to show more respect.

"It's obvious that a lot of things in our society need to change. Our heart is what matters and the way that we treat each other on a day to day and moment by moment is what matters," said Maria Smith, Aaliyana's mother.

Students told CBS4's Oralia Ortega they felt their message was more effectively delivered by being peaceful.

"I definitely think this is the approach to go," said Miguel Hernandez. "It's not good to fight fire with fire, hate with hate, so the approach we're taking is fighting hate with love and I think that's the best thing to do just to show that everyone is accepted and just to show that love can really go a long way, a very far way."

The protest marked dozens of others across the country, including students at the University of Miami who also gathered to hold a demonstration earlier in the day.

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