A recent history of FIFA scandals

  • GENEVA --The arrest of several top FIFA officials in Switzerland on corruption charges on Wednesday is only the latest in a long string scandals to plague the governing body of the planet's most popular sport.

    FIFA President Joseph "Sepp" Blatter has been dogged by accusations of corruption and bad behavior since his first election to the position 18 years ago.

    While officials did not arrest Blatter along with many of his top executives, New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt told "CBS This Morning" that he could still get swept up in the larger investigation.

    "I don't think he's in the clear," Schmidt said.

    Investigators are likely to wait to see what comes of the indictments of these senior FIFA officials, and later "look back and assess and see who they can go after," Schmidt said.

    Blatter has never been directly implicated in personal corruption, but FIFA has often seemed relaxed about wrongdoing linked to senior officials.

    The Swiss-born soccer executive now has to manage the worst crisis at his organization while also standing for reelection on May 29, in a vote that he has been expected to win easily.

    Ahead of Blatter's bid for a fifth term, here are some of the ways soccer's governing body has earned its reputation recently.