Five things to know about Scott Walker

  • The end is finally in sight for the growing field of Republican presidential candidates, with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker officially stepping into the race Monday. He's the 15th Republican competing for the nomination in 2016, and one of the last, with only Ohio Gov. John Kasich expected to follow soon.

    On Monday morning, he tweeted, "I'm in. I'm running for president because Americans deserve a leader who will fight and win for them."

    Though Walker's formal announcement is relatively late, his entry into the field has long been expected. He has proven to be one of the more exciting prospects for Republican voters and so far has consistently polled among the top two or three candidates in the GOP field throughout the first half of the year.

    Walker spent his early years in Iowa with his family before moving to Wisconsin at age 10. Now, he's pitching himself as a hardworking Midwesterner who can relate to everyday Americans - in part by sharing his love of bargain-hunting summed up in an oft-told anecdote about the Midwest department store, Kohl's.

    "I went to a Kohl's department store and I bought something for the price it was marked at," Walker told social conservative activists at the Iowa Freedom Summit in January. "My wife said to me, 'You can never go back there ever again until you learn how to shop at Kohl's.'"

    And, his story goes, he watched for markdowns, coupons in the Sunday circular, in the mail - and then pulled out his wife's Kohl's rewards card, and, "the next thing you know they are paying me to buy that shirt!" he exclaimed. The crowd went wild.

    Voters in the early-voting states are also sure to hear Walker touting his tenure as Wisconsin governor as proof of his commitment to conservative ideals.

    Here are five things to know about Scott Walker.

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