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Caught On Tape: Peacock Goes On Bender Inside Liquor Store

ARCADIA ( — Just imagine the surprise for the folks who work and shop at the Royal Oaks Liquor Store when a peacock wandered in and wouldn't leave. The bird ended up flying up on top of the shelves knocking bottles over before animal control came and helped get the peacock to safety.

The peacock flapped around the store trying to find a way out. At one point it flew right towards Rani Ghanem who manages the store. He took video after calling animal control for help.

"It flew towards me. I didn't know they could actually fly high but it flew up above the counter and it landed here on top of the ice cream freezer," Ghanem said.

Ghanem tried to help the peacock find the door but instead the bird perched up on top of the wine shelves. With a bird's eye view of business below, customers were still coming and going, some of them even took pictures with the bird.

"This was really out of my comfort zone, I was kind of scared I didn't know what to do," Ghanem said.

It wasn't long before animal control arrived. They used a net to guide the peacock down from the top of the shelves, but it didn't come down without a fight.  The rescue was a success and the bird was taken to safety, but Ghanem was left to clean up the mess.

The peacock ended up knocking down about $500 worth of wine and champagne. Peacocks are a protected species, even feeding them comes with a big fine, up to $1000 and six months of jail time.

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