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What is the cheapest meal kit? You asked, we answered

Meal delivery services are convenient for a plethora of reasons. The best meal kits are relatively cheap and some, like the popular and plant-based Mosaic Foods, can help you branch out and try new foods or find some consistency in home cooking, which makes withstanding the pricey allure of takeout or delivery easier. 

But with new reasons to find ways to save money on meals popping up right and left (shrinkflation? No thanks), you might be wondering which budget-friendly meal kit has the absolute cheapest prices.

What is the cheapest meal kit of 2024?

Meal kits are typically priced per serving. This determines how much you pay per delivery, with some added expenses like shipping and premium recipe upgrades playing a small part. Some meal kit delivery services like the uber-popular HelloFresh come with appealing sign-up bonuses, including free shipping. 

If you want a bigger and better way to save money on meal kits, the secret lies in those serving costs. Dinnerly is one of the most budget-friendly meal delivery services out there with prices as low as $5 per meal. Dinnerly's weekly menu offers more than 30 fully prepared meals -- perfect for large families looking to save as much as possible on meal prep throughout the week.

However, one meal delivery service outshines all the others thanks to low serving costs and a signup bonus that beats out all the others: EveryPlate. 

Spend the least on meal kit delivery with EveryPlate

When it comes to meal services with low costs per serving, there's just no beating EveryPlate. This meal delivery service offers the best value for its weekly dinner meals and recipes with plans starting as low as $5 per serving, making this the cheapest meal delivery service out there.

What's better is that EveryPlate, like many other popular meal delivery services, offers impressive discounts for new subscribers. Right now, you can sign up for your first box of EveryPlate meals -- enjoying up to six meals per week with two, four, or six servings a piece -- at a 70% discount. This is good news for anyone looking for low prices that beat out a trip to the grocery store; that first box can cost as little as $1.49 per meal.

That's right: $1.49 each for recipes like EveryPlate's cajun chicken sandwiches with potato wedges, smothered pork chops with roasted carrots and couscous, and more. You might find a deeper variety with other, more expensive meal kits, but EveryPlate's offerings cover a lot of ground. From comfort-food items with a twist like the cheesy tortilla smash burgers to zesty options like the southwest fork flautas, there's enough here to satisfy the pickiest of eaters.

Other ways to save on meal delivery services

There's one rule of thumb to keep in mind regarding most meal kits: Your price per serving goes down the more you add on to your order. Blue Apron typically charges $8 per serving for five four-serving meals or $12.49 per serving for just two two-serving meals. Deal hunters take note: those numbers are currently as low as $4 per serving for new subscribers.

This is why meal kits are a great option for large families trying to save a few bucks on their food budget each week: The more you order with each box, the more you stand to save in the long run.

This tip isn't limited to large families, either. If you're single or cooking couples' dinners throughout the week, you can order extra meals or portions to keep serving prices low. Just make sure you take steps to minimize food waste throughout the week; freeze proteins like chicken breasts to extend the shelf life of a recipe or use leftovers for lunch.

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