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The best meal kits for a dairy-free diet

Do you get tired of trying to stick to a dairy-free diet? Whether you have a dairy allergy or a body that struggles to digest lactose, finding good dairy alternatives and substitutes to maintain a balanced, calcium-rich diet can be tough -- but you're not alone. It's estimated that nearly 70% of the world's population has lactose malabsorption, or a reduced ability to digest lactose. 

Accommodate your dairy-free diet by making the switch to the right meal delivery service. Best known for serving up a convenient and cost-effective way to handle dinner and other meals throughout the week, meal kits can also take away some of the stress that comes with dietary restrictions -- especially big ones like going dairy free.

The trick is finding the best meal kit delivery service for the job. Below, we outline the most accommodating meal kits for a dairy-free lifestyle, such as the often overlooked Daily Harvest, plus set you up with tips for picking the ideal meal delivery service for your nutritional needs.

Best meal kits for a dairy-free diet

Get ready, because we're about to make your life much easier when it comes to preparing dairy-free meals. Don't let lactose intolerance or a dairy allergy get in between you and a week of tasty, nutritious meals; enjoy some much-needed convenience this holiday season by making the switch to meal kits.

Whether you prefer premade meals or gourmet meal kits you prepare yourself, the dairy-free meal delivery services highlighted below have you covered.

Find the best meal kits for a dairy-free diet below and sign up today for .

Best dairy-free meal delivery service: Daily Harvest

With a full menu of dairy-free selections, Daily Harvest is a great place to start (and end!) your journey for the perfectly accommodating meal delivery service. Daily Harvest boasts weekly menus with dairy-free affairs such as smoothies, harvest bowls, and more. Each menu item is also free of gluten, making Daily Harvest one of our top picks for a gluten-free meal kit service as well.

Daily Harvest's plant-based selections of veggie bowls, flatbreads, soups, and more would fit comfortably with a vegan diet. Most ingredients are sourced directly from organic farms, according to Daily Harvest, and many of the healthy options you'll browse are packed with fruits and vegetables.

Unlike many other meal delivery services, Daily Harvest lets you order individual items a la carte or order in bulk for some decent savings. Plan options include small, medium or large, letting you pick between 9 and 24 items per delivery. Save up to $25 by opting for larger plans -- and don't miss out on $20 off your first box! Use promo code FRUITVEG to save.

Best dairy-free grocery delivery and meals: Hungryroot

If you want something more out of your meal delivery service, consider Hungryroot. Signing up gives you access to a customized meal plan (built by taking a quick online quiz), meal kits with blessedly short cook times (some under 10 minutes), and fresh groceries like organic fruits and vegetables, salad kits, proteins, and more.

Hungryroot allows you to fully customize your meal plan, which is a big win for anyone looking for diet-friendly meal kits. There are a number of nutritious recipes available each week that cater to dietary restrictions: find gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, or shellfish-free dishes as well as recipes attuned to vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian diets. 

Are you pulling double duty right now by shopping for peak Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals while seeking out the perfect dairy-free meal kit service? Sign up for Hungryroot today for an exclusive Cyber Monday discount that includes 30% off your first order (with a plan size of $99 or more), plus a free gift* for life with each weekly delivery.

*Gifts may contain allergens such as tree nuts, according to Hungryroot.

Best plant-based recipes for a dairy-free diet: SunBasket

Looking for a meal delivery service that's packed with nutritious, plant-based recipes and ingredients? SunBasket provides a nice variety of wholesome dishes made using USDA-certified organic ingredients, with any meat or poultry reportedly coming from farmers and ranchers that work directly with SunBasket. 

In addition to easily prepared (and enjoyed) dairy-free meal kits like chicken yakitori with broccoli and steamed rice, SunBasket sets itself apart from other meal delivery services by sending customers unique recipes packed with bold flavors and interesting ingredient combos. 

In addition to dairy-free meals and marketplace add-ons, you can also find other diet-friendly selections such as gluten-free, soy-free, keto- and paleo-friendly, vegan, and meals with no added sugar.

Right now, new customers can save $90 off their first four boxes and enjoy free shipping on their first box by signing up today. Prices start at $10 for fresh and ready meals or $12 for traditional meal kits.

Best gourmet meal variety: Blue Apron

Blue Apron made our list due to a high level of customization with every weekly order. You will also find clearly labelled dairy-free recipes among Blue Apron's 70+ chef-approved meals. Each recipe is also posted with an impossible-to-miss nutritional label outlining each ingredient, making Blue Apron perfect for the home cook who likes to plan ahead.

During our in-depth review for Blue Apron, we found plenty of reasons to sign up for the meal delivery service. This includes a plethora of diet-friendly meal options. In addition to dairy free recipes, you can find low-calorie recipes (500 calories or less), diabetes-friendly, and heart-healthy meals to fit a healthy and nutritionally complete diet.

Signing up for Blue Apron today will net you $110 in savings spread across your first 5 boxes, plus free shipping on your first order. With this discount applied, you can enjoy initial prices as low as $3.74 per serving.

How to find the perfect meal kit for a dairy-free diet

The perfect meal kit for any dietary restriction can be a tricky find, unless you know how to compare different meal kit delivery services. In addition to prioritizing meal kits that fit your budget, you should keep the following tips in mind when comparing different meal kits:

  • Meal variety is your best friend: A meal kit with plenty of vegan and plant-based options like SunBasket or Purple Carrot is likely to have a greater selection of gluten-free meals for you to choose from.
  • Go with meal kits that don't hide important info: Stick with meal kits that promote clear and healthy food prep and ingredient sourcing best practices. This can greatly reduce the risk of cross-contamination between ingredients.

How we selected the best dairy-free meal kits

For a closer look at how we review certain products and services, here are some of the factors we considered while reviewing the best meal kits for a dairy-free diet: 

  • Nutritional info: Surprises are great for Christmas gifts or eye-popping Cyber Monday deals, but not so much when it comes to your diet. We prioritized meal delivery services that offer clearly labeled meals with readily available ingredient information.
  • Organic ingredients: Every meal kit company on this list is committed to shipping sustainably sourced, organic ingredients with every delivery.
  • Customer service: Sometimes, part of the hassle of sticking to a dairy-free diet is the ordering process itself. We made sure to highlight meal delivery services that are easy to navigate online – and more likely to offer a representative for additional help when you need it.

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