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Sleep soundly with up to $800 off a mattress and base combo during the Purple Memorial Day Sale

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Purple Mattress
Purple Mattress

We spend about one-third of our life sleeping. Make it count with a Purple mattress that can help you fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper sleep. Purple's wide range of supportive mattresses promote quality rest and comfort, and the company is all about getting you the most restorative sleep possible. There's never been a better time to bring one home than right now, thanks to the Purple Memorial Day Sale.

You can save up to $800 off a Purple mattress or mattress and base sets by shopping the sale, which features discounts on some of the brand's bestselling products. Exhausted sleepers looking for next-level comfort can snag these savings by selecting a plush Purple Rejuvenate Mattress. Hot sleepers looking for a cooling reprieve can bring home a temperature-balancing Purple Restore Hybrid Mattress that responds to their body's needs for up to $600 off. How much you save during the sale depends on what kind of sleep experience you're looking for.

Shop the biggest discounts of the Purple Memorial Day Sale

Stop counting sheep and snuggle up with one of the most luxurious mattresses you've ever laid your tired body down on. Below, find some of the best deals you can shop now as part of the Purple Memorial Day Sale. This holiday, it's time for a major sleep refresh.

Purple Essential Collection: Save up to $300

Purple Essential Collection

If you're new to Purple and want to try it out, shop the Purple Essential Collection, a set of mattresses that contain the brand's patented GelFlex Grid, or an inner repeating geometric shape similar to a honeycomb that gives each mattress its unique core. It's created to adapt to your body while cushioning and cradling your pressure points.

Some Essential Collection mattresses also contain a supportive foam core to help lessen movement and bounce when you readjust yourself at night. This collection features some of the more affordable options from Purple, but it doesn't skimp on features like motion isolation or pressure relief. This is an excellent place to start when shopping at Purple, and right now you can save up to $300 on mattresses or mattresses and bases as part of this collection. 

Purple Rejuvenate Luxe Collection: Save up to $500

Purple Rejuvenate Luxe Collection

If you're looking to add a luxurious new mattress to your home, the Purple Rejuvenate Luxe Collection should be your first stop. These mattresses offer all the benefits of its more affordable models and then some, packing a lush quilted Euro Top on the top of its zoned coil system with GelFlex Grid Plus support inside. 

These are the best Purple mattresses on offer, and the ones that focus on supporting your body the best they possibly can while reducing pressure, offering cooling sensation, and serious comfort all in one package.

Right now, you can save up to $500 on the mattresses in the Purple Rejuvenate Luxe Collection. If you truly want to get the best sleep possible, this is your best bet, and the best that Purple has to offer. Now's the best time to invest during the Purple Memorial Day Sale. 

Purple Restore Hybrid Collection: Save up to $700

Purple Restore Hybrid Collection:

Sleep itself may be restorative, but it's possible that the way you sleep could have the opposite effect on your body. 

Toss out your old mattress and shop the Purple Restore Collection, which features the GelFlex Grid the brand is known for, and it's used here to make sure you get all the support you need when you go to bed at night. That means it works to help better align your body while you sleep, so even as you move throughout the night, you're covered as the grid adjusts and flexes to keep you in the most optimal position possible. 

Shop the Purple Restore Collection to save up to $700 on a mattress and base during the Purple Memorial Day Sale. These mattresses deliver the ultimate pressure relief and up to four times more cooling ability than the competition. Choose from three mattresses with three levels of support, cooling, and comfort.

What sets Purple apart from other mattresses?

Purple is leagues ahead of many of its competitors, and it all starts with what's on the insides. The company uses a unique hyper-elastic polymer material in its mattresses that's designed to provide pressure relief and support for different body types and sleep positions. This proprietary material is firm and supportive, but it can flex and cradle areas like the shoulders and hips at the same time. Other mattress brands often use memory foam alone, which can conform closely to the body, but often offers less support.

The Purple mattress is also great for anyone who needs to sleep cooler. It can adjust temperatures for hot sleepers with the air channels within its inner grid material that allow heat to dissipate. Many foam mattresses tend to absorb and trap body heat instead, and that leads to increased heat production that sticks close to the body. Purple even offers a breathable cover that can invite more airflow.

While most mattress companies have some bounce to their mattresses, Purple also has more spring and responsiveness to its mattress thanks to the inner grid's quick rebound. Traditional memory foam mattresses tend to have less bounce, which can make them feel "stuck." You'll be able to move positions easily without feeling fatigued after getting comfortable at night with a Purple mattress. 

How can Purple help you get deeper, more restful sleep?

A Purple mattress is designed to provide both comfort and support to relieve pressure points and properly align the spine, which can lead to reduced tossing and turning at night. Its flexible polymer material inside conforms to your body while remaining firm and responsive. This helps keep the spine in a neutral position and cradles pressure points like the shoulders, hips, and lower back. If you suffer from chronic pain or simple aches here and there, these improvements can help solve all those issues. That means you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

The Purple Grid also promotes airflow and breathability. Its open structure allows air to pass through to help regulate temperature throughout the night. Staying cool while you sleep can prevent you from waking up hot and sweaty, even when the temperatures rise outside during the summer. Temperature regulation can lead to more restorative sleep cycles. If you find that you're uncomfortable no matter what you wear to bed or how low you set the thermostat, you'll benefit from this type of cooling that goes beyond the type of bedding that you use. 

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