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Get a deal on a portable power station and be ready for storms

Deals on portable power stations
Amazon, Bluetti

The best portable power stations are ready in minutes to give hours of power to small appliances or computers -- plus, they can recharge all of your mobile devices. That can make all the difference during a power outage. Even later in the year, these same devices can be a great power source while you're off-grid camping or tailgating. 

To learn more about everything these devices can do, be sure to read our in-depth coverage of the best portable power stations and emergency power banks that can help you prep for bad weather. But you're hunting for a deal, stay right here and keep reading to learn about how you can save big money.

Best deals on portable power stations

Our in-house team of deal seekers have discovered sales on some of the best portable power stations, so now's the time to invest. Be fully prepared the next time your home suffers a power failure.

Bluetti AC200MAX: $1,299 (save $400)

BLUETTI AC200MAX Expandable Power Station

This 2,048Wh capacity portable power station provides 2,200 watts of power. But with additional battery packs, you can get a up to a 6,144Wh capacity. And for eco-friendly energy, connect this device with one or more optional solar panels.

On its own, the AC200MAX can power an electric grill for 1.5 hours, a refrigerator for up to 10 hours, or a 10-watt light bulb for up to 150 hours. Built into the AC200MAX are four AC outlets, four USB Type-A ports, one USB Type-C port, an NEMA TT-20 outlet, a 12V cigarette lighter port, a 12V Super DC port and two 12V/10A DC 5521 outputs. 

It's also equipped with two wireless charging pads for your mobile devices.

You can recharge the AC200 using an AC outlet, car adapter or solar panels. Right now, Bluetti is offering this popular, versatile and powerful portable power station for an impressive $400 off, which brings the price down to just $1,299. 

The optional solar panels and expansion batteries are also on sale from the company's website.

Bluetti AC70: $499 (save $200) 

BLUETTI AC70 Portable Power Station

The Bluetii AC70 is a scaled-down version of the company's flagship portable power station. This unit relies on a battery with a 768Wh capacity to provide 1,000 watts of power through its collection of AC outlets and ports. 

One feature we love about the Bluetii power stations is that you can control them with a smartphone app. They also run quietly and can be set up in minutes. Plus, we found them to be very easy and safe to use.

And if you want eco-friendly power, you can purchase one or more 120-watt, 200-watt or 350-watt solar panels separately. Another benefit of the AC70 is that it can be fully recharged using an AC outlet in about an hour.

Head over to the Bluetti website and save $200 on this portable power station. It's perfect for keeping your mobile devices charged and for running small appliances if the power goes out. This unit has a built-in handle and weighs a reasonable 22.5 pounds.

Anker Solix C1000: $649 (35% off)

Anker SOLIX C1000 Portable Power Station

Anker is one of the best-known portable power station brands. For a limited time, Amazon is offering the popular C1000 model for 35% off, which brings its price down to just $649 (from $999). 

This provides 1,800 watts of power from its 1,056Wh capacity battery. It's ideal to have at home during power failures or to take with you on your next camping trip or tailgating party -- wherever you need power, either indoors or outdoors. It offers a rugged, drop-proof design with built-in handles for easy transport.

Optional solar panels can be used with the C1000 to generate eco-friendly energy whenever it's needed. You can fully recharge the unit in under one hour. You can also manage the power station using a smartphone app.

Jackery Explorer 1000 with two SolarSaga 100W solar panels: $999 (save 39%)

Jackery Explorer 1000

Typically, Jackery sells its popular Explorer portable power stations on their own and solar panels separately. For a very limited time, Amazon has bundled the Explorer 1000 power unit with two SolarSaga 100-watt solar panels. The package is now on sale for just $999 -- that's a savings of 39%.

The Explorer 1000 has a 1,002Wh battery capacity and provides up to 1,000 watts of power. We like this unit because it's durable, includes three AC power outlets, and offers a five other USB and other port types, so you can easily power multiple devices at once.

The unit barely makes any noise and is very easy to use. It has a built-in handle for easy transportation and weighs in at 41 pounds.

Jackery Explorer 300: $229 (save 35%)

Jackery Explorer 300

If all you need to is keep your mobile devices charged during a power outage, the Jackery Explorer 300 is a low-cost portable power station option.

Amazon is offering this rather compact unit for 35% off, so you'll pay just $229. It offers a 293Wh battery capacity and provides 300 watts of power -- from a unit that weighs just 7.1 pounds. The unit has six output ports, including two AC outlets.

Like all of Jackery's portable power stations, the Explorer 300 operates quietly and requires no maintenance. It's safe to operate indoors or outdoors. Optional solar panels are also available if you want to create eco-friendly power just about anywhere.

EcoFlow Delta Max 2000: $1,199 (save $700)


One of the great things about the EcoFlow Delta Max 2000 is that it powers larger appliances along with your mobile devices.

This unit has a 2,016Wh battery capacity and offers 2,400 watts of power. Plus, the unit is expandable with optional battery packs and solar panels. The Max 2000 will fully recharge in 1.8 hours.

Because the unit offers more power that most units in its price range, it has a larger size (19.6 x 9.5 x 12 inches) and weighs a bit more (48 pounds). But that's the price you pay to be able to power a wide range of equipment, appliances, computers and mobile devices. 

You'll find the EcoFlow Delta Max 2000 on sale right now for $1,199, which represents a savings of $700. This is one of the more versatile portable power units available. At this sale price, it represents a really good value.

Whether you need to know about emergency power banks, the latest TVsTV soundbarscomputerssmartphonestabletshome projectors, or any other types of consumer technology, you can turn to our in-house tech team for the most informative, timely and accurate info.

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