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Our favorite mop for spring cleaning is $10 off at Amazon's Big Spring Sale


O-Cedar is one of the most popular mop makers on the market, so markdowns on their products are rare. During Amazon's Big Spring Sale, however, shoppers can snag a $10 discount on the brand's EasyWring RinseClean model.

This mop is perfect for spring cleaning thanks to its genius two-tank water system, spin mechanism and its microfiber mop head, which can scrub grime off floors with ease. I should know, because I've owned this mop for several months and love it. The O-Cedar EasyWring RinseClean has proved to be so effective and easy to use that I will never get another mop again.

If you're interested in getting this mop, be sure to act fast; products on sale one day may be full price the next during Amazon's Big Spring sale

O-Cedar Easywring Rinseclean spin mop system: $45 (save 18%)


Prior to discovering the O-Cedar Easywring Rinseclean spin mop, I was a Swiffer girlie through and through. That's because I truly didn't see the point of using a mop. How exactly do your floors get clean if you're dipping your dirty mop head into a bucket of water that also becomes dirty? It didn't make sense. 

But going the Swiffer route was unsustainable over time. I would go through almost an entire box of disposable Swiffer wipes for one floor cleaning. That's why I was excited to find the O-Cedar Easywring Rinseclean spin mop system, which has a separate clean water tank and dirty water tank. 

The clean water tank is removable, and when in use, sits on top of the dirty water tank. The reservoir holds a total of 1.6 gallons of water. When filling up the clean water bowl, make sure to only fill up enough to soak your mop (there should be little to no water left behind). When I first got this, I made the mistake of filling up clean water tank in its entirety, which led to my clean water getting dirty with my dirty mop head. So every time you return to your mop to get more clean water, you'll have to let in new clean water into the clean bowl. 

I have used this O-Cedar mop on my hardwood floors and tiles and it manages to create a shine from the deep clean it achieves. The spinning mechanism is fantastic too, as it gets a good amount of water out of the mop with just a few spins. With this, I will never have to manually wring out a mop again, which is a relief.

The long mop handle and swivel mop head are also incredibly convenient. With the mop head's generous length, I no longer have to move my furniture to mop underneath. The mop head's range of motion allows me to maneuver it in a way that I can clean my baseboards. The mop head can be removed and put in the washing machine, and after several rounds in mine, I'm happy to report that the microfiber brushes haven't frayed one bit.

Shoppers who bought this mop system on Amazon are just as pleased as I am, with the product boasting a 4.5-star rating out of more than 40,200 ratings. One reviewer wrote, "This is a must-buy for those who love cleaning. I am very particular with my cleaning and I am the person [who] uses two buckets when I mop. Then I heard about this mop. OMG, game changer! You are not mopping with dirty water. If you are a neat freak like me, get this!"

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