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The 5 best hearing aid accessories you need in 2024

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Want to get the absolute most out of your hearing aid? When it comes to countering mild to moderate hearing loss, you want -- no, deserve -- the best of the best. Sure, that means investing in the best hearing aid for you -- and below is a handy guide to help with that -- but it also means picking up the perfect accessories that make using your hearing aid a better experience. 

From simple, affordable cleaning kits that have everything you need (and some tools you may not have known you need) to high-end tech that can enhance your TV listening experience, we highlight every hearing aid accessory you need below.

The best hearing aid accessories in 2024

Pair your hearing aid with one or more of the following must-have accessories for an all-around better listening experience.

Check out some essential accessories that work with any hearing aid type, as well as brand-specific accessories that pair perfectly with certain hearing aids, below.

Hearing aid cleaning kit


Are you manually cleaning your hearing aid regularly? If not, or if you're new to the world of hearing aids, then jot this down: Your hearing aid should be wiped down daily and cleaned at least once a week.

This 12-piece cleaning kit can make weekly cleaning a breeze. It comes with an assortment of miniature tools that will get the job done, plus everything comes in a velvet bag for safekeeping. 

This affordable set comes with:

  • A vent cleaner to clear debris from the very small vents on your hearing aid.
  • A steel pick for removing stubborn wax and debris from hard-to-reach areas.
  • A screwdriver for an emergency tinkering -- some hearing aids may need to have their cover removed for the occasional deep clean.
  • A cleaning brush for gently wiping down the tubing and ear hook parts of a hearing aid.
  • A wax loop for removing wax and dead skin; the reverse end has a brush for gentle cleaning as well.
  • Several multi-function tools with a brush, wax loop, and magnetic features for easy battery removal.
  • A microfiber cloth for daily cleaning.
  • A velvet carrying bag that cinches closed to keep everything in one place.

Universal replacement silicone domes, 39-piece set 


Just like wireless earbuds, your hearing aid has one potential weakness: Rubber-domed tips that are easily lost should they come loose. This is a potential issue with several types of hearing aids, such as receiver-in-canal (RIC) devices, where the dome-covered receiver sits directly in the ear -- just like a pair of wireless earbuds.

If you don't want to be caught off guard by a rogue dome tip that up and disappears on you while removing or cleaning your hearing aid, consider picking up this 39-piece set of silicone dome tips in various shapes and sizes.

With this set, you get a variety of domes that can fit a wide range of hearing aid types. This includes mushroom head closed domes for behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids -- which come in sizes ranging from small to extra large -- and round closed domes. These round domes are a perfect fit for in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids and come in small, medium, or large size here.

These dome tips are compatible with Resound, Otofonix, LifeEar, Signia, Retone, Phonak, Oticon, Bernafon, Belton and Starkey hearing aids, among others. This must-have hearing aid accessory also comes with two basic brush cleaning tools for easy maintenance.

Replacement wax guards

Wax buildup is like kryptonite to even the strongest and most reliable hearing aids. If left unchecked, wax and other debris can clog the delicate tech of your hearing aid, causing issues such as reduced or muffled sound quality. If you have a hearing aid with one or more components that sit directly in the ear canal, you likely have a type of wax guard that should be replaced every one to three months (depending on the brand and type of hearing aid).

Wax guards are, unfortunately, not universal. Most hearing aid companies sell replacement guards that work with their specific models, and it's best to stick to whatever brand your hearing aid is to ensure a good fit. If you have a Jabra Enhance hearing aid, for example, you should consider picking up a set of six silicone Jabra Enhance EarGels for $15 now rather than later. 

Not a part of the Jabra family yet? Consider investing in our pick for the best hearing aid of 2024 below.

Minifit prowax replacement filters, 30-piece set


Made of rubber, these minifit replacement filters produced by the Likoda Tek brand can prevent earwax buildup, improving the durability and longevity of your hearing aid. These wax guards are also advertised as being dustproof.

These wax guards can fit most Oticon hearing aid devices that use filters, including most mini receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) models such as the Oticon Opn S miniRITE hearing aids.

These wax guards can also fit other RITE hearing aid models. One Amazon reviewer claims these work perfectly with their Phillips 9040 hearing aid from Costco.

This 30-piece pack comes with five boxes of six replacement filters each. Refer to the included materials for instructions on how to properly replace the filter on your hearing aid before removing one of these for use.

Starkey hear clear wax guards, 48-piece set


Do you have a Starkey hearing aid? If so, these replacement wax guards are super easy to use. Meant to protect your hearing aid from earwax buildup, these replacement wax guards can come in handy should you notice a change in sound quality or your hearing. 

You should replace the wax guard on your Starkey hearing aid at least once a month, or whenever you notice a change in your hearing aid's overall sound quality. Add this set of 48 replacement wax guards to your collection of hearing aid accessories to make sure you always have a replacement on hand when you need it.

These guards work with both in-the-ear (ITE) and ITC hearing aids by Starkey. 

Replacing your old guards with one of these is super easy, too: simply insert the yellow application stick into the used wax guard, pull outward to remove it, and use the other end of the yellow stick to firmly insert the new wax guard. 

This set of replacement wax guards is currently 16% off on Amazon.

TV streamers

If you have a high quality pair of wireless hearing aids, you probably have Bluetooth connectivity. This can come in handy for this next hearing aid accessory, the TV streamer. This device acts as a little middleman between you and your TV, wirelessly connecting to your hearing aid to transmit audio with an audio boost from your favorite shows or movies directly into your hearing aid.

Like other hearing aid accessories on our list, TV streamers tend to be brand specific. The good news is you don't have to worry about the model; any wireless hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity can be synced up with the brand's matching streaming device.

Jabra Enhance TV Streamer


Have a Jabra Enhance hearing aid with Bluetooth capabilities? This simple yet powerful TV streamer lets you take control of your audio experience when watching TV. No more fighting the family for control of the remote -- now you can control the volume for yourself without affecting the TV controls for everyone else. 

This TV streamer transmits crystal clear sound right to your ear from up to 22 feet away. If you pair this device with the Jabra Enhance Select mobile app, you can easily make adjustments on your own time. Background noise can also be boosted through the TV streamer (with the volume here still very much under your control), so you can watch TV without worrying about missing anything around you.

Jabra Enhance also offers a one-year warranty and 100-day money-back guarantee for this TV streamer, making this a safe purchase for anyone looking to upgrade their TV listening experience.

More TV streamers from brands you love

Wondering if there's a TV streamer out there for your hearing aid? Look for your brand of hearing aid below to find a great deal on quality TV streaming with an audio boost (that you can control).

Remote mics


Tired of struggling to hear what others are saying with your hearing aid? Wireless or clip-on remote mics, which can help boost or isolate everyday communications, may be the answer you're looking for.

These handheld devices are exactly what they sound like: microphones that can be clipped onto the lapel or other article of clothing to pick up and boost sound from a specific source. These let you cut through the noise and stay locked in to someone else's voice, as well as control or adjust your own hearing aid device. These work by connecting wirelessly to your hearing aid. There are several brand specific hearing aid remotes worth purchasing, including:

  • Phonak marvel partnermic (pictured): Simple to use, with direction hearing capabilities that make one on one conversations a breeze. Find this Phonak hearing aid accessory marked down 19% from its original price of $400.
  • Oticon connect clip microphone: With Bluetooth connectivity and a five star customer rating, this omnidirectional mic can pick up sound from all directions. This is compatible with OPN Siya Oticon hearing aids. Find this accessory marked down 15% from its original price of $165.
  • Jabra Enhance multimic: Like the Oticon clip-on mic, this device offers omnidirectional audio -- perfect for boosting the sound quality and range of your hearing aid. Additional features include a mini-jack that can connect to your computer or other audio device and a built-in telecoil for improved conversations, concerts, and more.

How we selected the best hearing aid accessories in 2024

For a closer look at how we rate certain products and services, here is what we prioritized while looking at the best hearing aid accessories for wireless connectivity: 

  • Convenience: We looked for smart devices, cleaning tools, and other hearing aid accessories to find the things you need for a better experience overall with your hearing aid.
  • Affordability: We highlighted accessories with a range of price points, ensuring there was a mix of budget-friendly and high-end products to meet your hearing aid needs and your budget.
  • Customer reviews: All of our hearing devices hold a four-star review or higher from happy customers just like you.
  • Innovation: We prioritized devices and accessories that offer new and hassle-free ways to use, maintain, and clean your trusty hearing aid.

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