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Best cooling sheets, pillows and mattresses to keep you sweat-free through the end of summer

Magic Linen

We're almost out of August, but summer heat still poses a serious threat. It's important to have several methods of staying cool, even at night. While ceiling fans and air conditioners can help generate a cool breeze and some sleep-inducing white noise, they might feel worthless if you're tossing and turning under sheets and blankets that just don't breathe. 

The shopping experts at CBS Essentials have discovered the best cooling sheets, pillows and even cooling mattress options to help you sleep comfortably all summer long. 

All of these top-rated bedding essentials have a four-star rating or higher and include tons of positive customer reviews. Some are even on sale now.

Keep cool with these airy sheets, pillows and mattresses designed to regulate your temperature while you sleep. These breathable finds from PurpleNight, Tempur-Pedic and more are made with fabrics that help keep sweat at bay. While we've found tons of discounts, you may find that many of these must-have bedding essentials are worth the splurge for a good night's sleep.

Note that all prices listed are for queen-size items, prices vary by size.


Best cooling sheets and bedding

Stay cool throughout the night with these breathable cooling sheets and bedding options.

Purple SoftStretch sheet set


These 4.6-star-rated Purple sheets are made with bamboo to help promote a cool night's sleep. These moisture-wicking, breathable sheets adapt to the body for ultimate support. The high-quality fabric is built to last so the sheets can stay their best no matter how often you wash them.

Choose from six colors. Get it for $151 (regularly $189).


Cozy Earth bamboo sheet set

Cozy Earth Bamboo sheet set
Cozy Earth

These breathable sheets are perfect for staying cool this summer. The sheets are made from 100% premium viscose from bamboo and offer a cozy, oversized fit. The cooling sheet set includes a top sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases.

This set was seen on Oprah's favorite things list in 2018. Prices vary by size.

Get it for $311 (regularly $389). 

Brooklinen linen core sheet set

brooklinen linen sheets

The linen version of Brooklinen's core sheet set is an excellent choice for summer. These light, airy sheets are cooler than cotton to help you avoid overheating at night. The set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases.  

Get it for $259 (regularly $299). 

Casper Hybrid pillow with Snow Technology


Casper's new Hybrid pillow with Snow Technology is made with a foam and fiber design and features the brand's Heat Delete bands for 12 hours of cooling. It's outfitted with a Casper CoolTouch cover for a refreshing sensation.

"I'm very impressed with this pillow's cooling abilities," says CBS Essentials senior writer Lily Rose. "I sleep fairly hot. This pillow's cooling tech really does last all night and feels so soothing on my head and neck, where I tend to get sweatiest. I also found the pillow to be incredibly supportive and comfortable. Pro tip -- this cooling pillow also feels amazing if you sleep with it between your knees." 

Choose from queen and king sizes. 

This pillow is just $119 right now (regularly $149). 

Night DualSilk washable pillowcase


Each side of this pillowcase has something different to offer. One side is made of mulberry silk, which absorbs less of your skincare for maximum hydration. The other is bamboo rayon, which wicks excess moisture, making it ideal for hot weather. 

Find it in four colors and two sizes. 

Luna cooling weighted blanket


Weighted blankets provide enhanced comfort and are associated with better sleep. The Luna weighted blanket is made with high-quality, breathable cotton and premium glass beads. This cooling weighted blanket is available in full, queen and king sizes. Prices vary by size, weight and color.

This cooling blanket is 24% off at Amazon now. 

Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling pillow

TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow

Don't just look for a cooling pillowcase -- your pillow can be cooling too. This special pillow has a Tempur-Breeze gel layer on both sides to help keep you cool. The Tempur-Pedic pillow has a breathable cotton cover and comes in king and queen sizes.

You can get a deal on this Tempur-Pedic pillow right now. Get one for $199 (regularly $398).

Layla Sleep Kapok cooling pillow

Layla Kapok Pillow

These adjustable fill pillows are made from fibers found in the seed pods of kapok trees. The eco-friendly material is light and airy but still effectively supports your head and neck. 

The pillows are adjustable and recommended for all sleepers, no matter your preferred sleeping position. Get it for just $109 (regularly $139).

Best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers

What's even better than cooling sheets? A cooling mattress. Check out this ultra-cool memory foam mattress.

Casper Snow mattress


Casper makes a mattress the brand claims will keep you up to five degrees cooler all night long. The Casper Snow mattress uses the brand's Snow Technology combined with Casper's HeatDelete Bands, Phase Change Material and a CoolTouch Cover to keep you cool while you sleep. It features three ergonomic zones to provide support and spinal alignment.

Choose from five sizes. Get it on sale now for just $1,596 (regularly $1995).

Brooklyn Bedding Brooklyn Chill Memory Foam

brooklyn chill memory foam mattress
Brooklyn Bedding

The Brooklyn Chill mattress is made of a cooling gel swirl memory foam. The open-cell technology in each foam layer claims to provide increased airflow and breathability. This cooling mattress comes in a large range of sizes.

Get it for just $393 (regularly $524).

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