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Best camping chairs in 2024 for all your outdoor summer adventures


If you're looking forward to hitting the road this summer, exploring national parks or the best hiking trails, you're going to need the right camping gear. Once you've got the right camping tent and sleeping bag lined up, there's one more camping essential you'll want to take with you to make camp life so much better: a comfy camping chair.

Gone are the clunky camping chairs that seem like they can barely hold the weight of a feather. The best camping chairs of 2024 are comfortable (even nap-able), offering cup holders and reclining options. And they're made from durable fabric that's built to stand the test of time. 

We found terrific camping chairs that offer side tables and footrests, and chairs that fold so easily you can take them anywhere your adventures take you, from the campsite to the beach. Keep reading for our favorite camping chairs of the year. 

Best camping chairs in 2024

Modern-day camping chairs fold easily, are comfortable, lightweight and even offer options like back positions and side tables. These are our favorite camping chairs of the year.

Keep reading for more details on our favorite camping chairs, including where to purchase, top features and pricing.

Best overall camping chair: Guide Gear padded camping chair


Just because you plan to sleep under the stars, doesn't mean you have to spend your day feeling like a contestant on "Survivor." A comfortable camping chair is essential for sitting around the campfire, enjoying the view and taking afternoon snoozes in the fresh air. 

The Guide Gear padded camping chair has a 400-pound capacity, features padding throughout the back and the seat and offers a side cup holder so you can keep your beverage close (and off the ground). 

This chair folds quickly and slips into an easy carry bag. It's so comfortable that you might find your fellow campers fighting over who gets to sit it in next. 

This padded camping chair is available at Amazon for $80.

Best lounge camping chair: Poespore Store reclining camping chair


Designed with a four-position adjustable backrest that supports both your legs and back, this camping chair is the perfect lounge for campers who have relaxing on their camping trip agenda. The footrest can be added or removed along with the sponge pillow and cotton pad, there to make your back comfortable in the chair.

Sturdy in design, this chair features a stainless steel frame that can hold up to 264 pounds. The chair itself is made from breathable mesh fabric designed to keep you cool on hot summer days.

This chair folds to a compact size, which makes it easy to transport and store.

Best rocking camping chair: Dowinx padded outdoor rocking chair


Designed with an ergonomic structure that allows you to safely rock back and forth, this padded outdoor rocking chair features a thickened back and headrest, and a wider seat, making this chair comfortable and safe for users small to large.

Folded, the chair is compact and fits into a small carry bag. Assembly is easy as this chair unfolds quickly.

The chair is made from double-layer fabric and a thick steel frame fastened with an X-shape that supports up to 300 pounds.

This chair is currently available for $100 at Amazon.

Best two-person camping chair: Kelly low loveseat


Grab a buddy or a loved one and enjoy the view from a cozy spot for two in REI's Kelly low loveseat. The seat is designed with two armrest cupholders to ensure everyone's beverage has a place to rest (instead of being stashed on the ground). The durable steel frame supports up to 400 pounds and the back (which reclines slightly) and seat are padded for added comfort. 

This double loveseat comes in green or blue and is available at REI for $98, reduced from $130. REI Members can save an extra 20% with code ANNIV24 during the 2024 REI Anniversary sale.

Best camping chair with side table: Coleman camping chair


Coleman's angled back camping chair features a relaxed angle with comfortable padded arms. The strong stainless steel frame is built to be durable (and easily foldable), supporting up to 300 pounds. But what sets this chair apart from the rest is its fold-out side table, perfect for fireside meals, cocktail hour by the campfire or an afternoon spent reading by the lake.

The chair is made from water-resistant fabric easily wiped down after the inevitable mess of s'mores or ketchup that seem to accompany every camping trip.

This chair is available at Amazon for $57.

Easiest camping chair to collapse: Cliq portable chair


Cliq's small, portable camping chair may look simple, but it's a camping necessity for anyone looking for a chair as easy to move as it is to collapse and store. Folding down to almost the size of a water bottle, this ultralight chair can be set up in just five seconds. Its tip-proof design keeps you stable and can support up to 300 pounds.

This is also a terrific option for lawn games, tailgating, fishing trips and watching the kids participate in weekend sports. 

This chair is available at Amazon for $100.

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