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The Healthiest, Tastiest And Most Guilt-Free Meal Options In Dallas

Trying to eat healthy can be a challenge, especially when going out. But there are some healthy meal options available in Dallas. Here are a few restaurants where one can easily find healthy menu items.


True Food Kitchen

Plaza at Preston Center
8383 Preston Center Plaza, Suite 100
Dallas, Texas 75225
(214) 377-3333

The Plaza at Preston Center is home to True Food Kitchen. You can't go wrong with your selection because everything on the menu features fresh items that are healthful choices. A refreshing beverage like the pomegranate limeade with lime, evaporated cane, pomegranate and chia seeds is a wonderful start while browsing the menu. Their salads are substantial in size. The Kale Crunch salad features kale, avocado, grapefruit, watercress, radish and cabbage with an almond and chili garlic dressing will leave you feeling full. Even their indulgence cocktails like the Vegan Piña Colada and desserts like the squash pie will have you smiling as you keep your health goals.



4511 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 559-3111

Abacus is known for its contemporary global cuisine and if you cannot find something to your liking on their menu that features Mediterranean, Southwestern and Pacific Rim flavors, then your server will ask for your favorite vegetables. Be prepared to be amazed. Soon he will arrive with a culinary delight that will be beyond your wildest imagination. The chefs are off menu magicians and can create a memorable meal that will make you a regular diner in no time.



4152 Cole Ave., Suite 103
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 252-9604

Salum's upscale eclectic menu changes every month. You never know what will be featured at this Uptown restaurant, but you can be assured that it will be fresh and unique. This intimate restaurant is perfect for lunch or dinner. Executive Chef and owner Abraham Salum masterfully creates dishes that have wowed his diners for over 10 years.


Cinco Tacos Cocina & Tequila

5000 Belt Line Road, Suite 850
Dallas, TX 75254
(972) 866-8900

Cinco Tacos Cocina & Tequila, formerly known as La Zaranda, has made some changes. The name for one, which is great because everybody knows "cinco" from Cinco de Mayo and "tacos" because what could be better than tacos? What has not changed is the excellent food prepared under chef Antonio Marquez. You can tell he enjoys his work — always smiling, Chef Antonio creates dishes that are wholesome and filling. If you are following a whole foods, plant-based diet, he will delight you with dishes that will make you feel special and have your dining partners wanting a taste of your plate. He hails his vegan craftsmanship from his daughter, who follows a vegan diet.


Spiral Diner

1314 W. Magnolia
Fort Worth, TX 76104
(817) 332-8834

Guilt-free dining has never been simpler than at Spiral Diner. All menu items at this Bishop Arts eatery are cruelty free. The menu is extensive with several options — six different kinds of burgers, almost a dozen different sandwiches, plus salads, wraps, burritos and special plates will find you having a hard time trying to decide what to eat. Have gluten issues or concerned about soy? That is not a problem at Spiral Diner. Make sure you leave room for dessert. Their dessert menu is impressive.


Snappy Salads

5915 Forest Lane, Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75230
(866) 991-1467

Dallasites that are looking for a fast casual, healthy, tasty and guilt-free meal can easily find it at any of the area Snappy Salads restaurants. Their tagline is "So good, even guys like our salads." And they do, because they really are that good. You can pick from a variety of salads or create your own. The list of ingredients is extensive and they offer 18 different types of salad dressings. Snappy Salads also offers warm, freshly baked bread (it is worth the carbs) and house made soups.


Snap Kitchen

Various DFW locations
(512) 428-4000

Staying healthy while on the run is easy with Snap Kitchen. The Texas-based grab-and-go concept is well loved in Dallas. Locally sourced, seasonal produce is used to create the menu that includes, juices, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items. Snap Kitchen offers fresh meals that you can feel good about.


This article was written by Robin D. Everson of for CBS Local.


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