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Sorry, Haters, Troy Aikman Thinks Tony Romo Can Lead Cowboys To A Super Bowl

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) - Today, without nearly as many cued standing ovations as President Obama received last night – Jason Garrett will deliver the Dallas Cowboys' State of the Union address from behind a podium at Valley Ranch.

He won't talk about minimum wage or 102-year-old voters or the war in Afghanistan, but rather he'll shed light on hot-button topics like who's making coaching-staff decisions, Monte Kiffin's 4-3 defense and the identity of 2013's offensive play-caller.

We also likely won't get a detailed discussion of the Cowboys' quarterback problems because, according to Hall-of-Famer Troy Aikman, the Cowboys' don't have a quarterback problem.

"I'm a big fan of Tony's and I've said it all along," Aikman said Tuesday in an interview on 105.3 The Fan.

Troy Aikman talks with RAGE about the Boys and Coach Garrett - Part 1

"He's a special player. Unfortunately, not enough people recognize that."

While the calls for Romo's head grew louder and stronger in the wake of his three-interception pratfall in Dallas' season-ending loss to the Redskins, Aikman merely echoes co-Hall of Famer Roger Staubach in his support of Romo's skills and relative lack of offensive support. Both Cowboys' legends are now on record this off-season in saying that Romo has the talent to lead his team to a Super Bowl.

Romo, of course, has a frustrating resume founded upon style over substance and gaudy stats off-set by gruesome gaffes. But there's no doubt he'll be the Cowboys' quarterback in 2013 and beyond, as owner Jerry Jones and vice president Stephen Jones remain adamant about handing No. 9 a contract extension that will both keep his job safe and provide the organization with salary-cap relief.

"I think the fans get excited each year because they know that this team is capable of doing something,"' Aikman said. "I believe most fans recognize (of Romo), 'Hey, this guy's really gifted.' And they've just come up short for a variety of reasons."

Troy Aikman talks with RAGE about the Boys and Coach Garrett - Part 2

Aikman, who still lives in Dallas and is the No. 1 NFL analyst on Fox, has another surprising opinion for impatient Cowboys' fans with their hands on the blow-the-thing-up plunger: The Cowboys are this close from being that good.

"I maintain that they're close,"' Aikman said. "And I know that people keep asking, 'Hey, can Tony Romo lead this team to a Super Bowl. And I believe that he can."

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