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SMU Athletes Accuse Prostitute Of Burglary

UNIVERSITY PARK (CBSDFW.COM) - Three Southern Methodist University football players say they were the targets of theft. It is not what happened, but who they say stole from them that could get the group into trouble.

A police report details a theft from the house occupied by three SMU football players. The report describes the burglary suspect as a prostitute that one of the players said he refused to pay.

The illegal solicitation and theft happened on a night that was supposed to be full of fun and celebration. It was the evening of SMU's end of year banquet, an event held annually for the football team.

Three Mustang players attended the dinner and returned to their off-campus home, on Anita Street, to find that someone had stolen more than $3,000 worth of laptops, televisions and video games.

One of the players, identified as Uchenna Nwabuike, told police he believed the person responsible for the thefts was an escort. The linebacker from Missouri City went on to tell authorities that he had, "made a deal with the suspect to have sex with her for $50."

In the police report, Nwabuike admitted that, "he did not pay the suspect for the acts that she performed" and left the woman in the home alone while the players attended the banquet.

One of Nwabuike's roommates reported the crime to Dallas police shortly after it happened on April 28. Three months later, detectives are still searching for the woman and the stolen property.

While police were aware of the events, university officials say they were not.  Officials claim they were unaware of the burglary or its connection to a prostitute, until CBS 11 News approached them Thursday morning.

In a statement to CBS 11 News, a spokesman said, "We're investigating the facts of the matter and will deal with it appropriately according to university guidelines."

Sources close to the investigation say there's no evidence the two other players living in the house -- both projected starters -- had any connection to the escort.

CBS 11 News was unable to reach any of the players involved for comment.

The incident comes at a time when SMU prepares to kickoff its football season and could lead to discipline, depending on the outcome of the school investigation.

Police say they have the name of the suspect but not much more.

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