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2 Of The Most Dangerous Highways In The US Go Through DFW Area, Study Says

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - A new ranking of the most dangerous highways in the country found two of the top five go right through Dallas-Fort Worth.

Texas-based insurance comparison site, The Zebra, compiled the list based on fatality data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Five Deadliest Highways in the U.S.


"The study really coincides with a trend that we're seeing nationally, which is that drivers are just more reckless on the roads," said Danielle Marchell, a licensed insurance agent and spokesperson for The Zebra. "They assume that there are less people driving across the country, and therefore they're a little bit more willing to speed and put the pedal to the metal on the roads."

In 2019, 197 people were killed on I-35, which is more than 12 deaths per 100 miles.

The highway runs through several high-traffic areas in Texas, and serves as a major route for 18-wheelers.

"Unfortunately, most of the fatalities that occurred on I-35 were in the Dallas and Austin areas," Marchell said.

Drivers say all the construction projects don't help either.

"That's going to cause merging and separating and all sorts of alternate routes, and that unfortunately creates danger as a byproduct," said driver Tim Billcorder.

Alcohol and drug use, speed, and even road rage play a role as well.

"Things that angered Texas drivers the most on the roads were distracted driving, getting cut off and then tailgating as well," Marchell said.

Triple AAA predicts 3.6 million Texans will travel by car over Thanksgiving, which could make the existing dangers worse. That's why some drivers plan to avoid the interstates altogether.

"There's more accidents during the holiday season and stuff, so I think flying is safer," said Kirsten from Brownsville.

If you do plan on hitting the road to see friends or family, it's important to take extra caution to make I-20, I-35, and all roads safer for everyone.

"This might sound cliche, but just be alert of your surroundings and be really mindful of those speed limits," said Marchell. "Make sure you're not breaking any laws."

Speeding or driving distracted can not only cause accidents, but can cost you financially too if you get hit with a ticket.

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