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Back to school brings new pressures to North Texas students, parents, and teachers

Small school districts struggling to deal with bus driver shortage
Small school districts struggling to deal with bus driver shortage 02:21

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) — The three largest North Texas school districts – Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington – begin classes on Monday.

With that, many parents said they're stressed about all the challenges that can bring. 

Before kids head to school, parents have a lot on their mind, from health concerns...

"We're still worried about COVID and whether or not the schools have completely taken away any kind of protection," said parent Karen Sweeton. 

To bus delays...

"That's a little problem we are having at the moment is the busing, trying to get her on the bus to go," said parent Vanessa Avran. 

And making sure their kids are safe. 

"Just worried about school security after Uvalde," said parent Lauren Wood.

"I hoped in this day and age we wouldn't need so many police officers and armed people around the schools, but I understand it's a necessary evil," said parent Genaro Jasso.

Parents are having tough conversations with their children, especially after the massacre in Uvalde. 

"We've all had talks with our kids about what to expect and how to stay safe and what constitutes as an emergency and what doesn't. We just have to trust our teachers," said parent Kacey Brunner.

"I've actually talked to my kids about tunicates which is a sad, sad state to talk with your children about," said parent Samantha Galui.

Students feels the effects of that too.

"I feel more anxious than safe with the new safety protocols because they feel like they're way more overbearing on the school than they should have to be," said Jaden Galui, a high schooler. 

Throughout the past several weeks, school leaders have been trying to reduce these fears.

"We're going to continue to work on all measures that we can think of to be proactive," said DISD Superintendent Stephane Elizalde. 

"Over the summer, the Fort Worth Police Department has been working hard to meet with our ISD partners and our local law enforcement partners to make sure we all understand our roles in keeping our children safe," said Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes on a Twitter post. 

Many districts across North Texas have taken different steps over the summer to keep students safe and make parents feel less anxious about the new school year. 

If you have any questions or concerns, contact your district. 

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