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Funds Raised For Dad Who Lunged At Larry Nassar Will Go To Charity

LANSING (WWJ) - Money raised through a GoFundMe account for a father who moved to attack Larry Nassar in court will go to charity.

Organizers of the account, which raised more than $31,000 — far more than the $1,000 goal — say that since Randall Margraves will not face charges they will ensure the funds will go to help victims of sexual abuse.

Donors who want a refund can ask for one, but all other money in the fund will be dispersed to other charities, including Small Talk, RAVE and the Firecracker Foundation.

"I will work with him [Margraves] and his family to ensure the funds collected will go to a good cause," a message on the page reads. "Help spread the word!"

The incident happened last Friday, after two of Margraves' daughters told the court that they and another sister had been sexually abused by Nassar under the guise of treatment. Margraves later took the podium, telling the judge he was a "distraught father."

Margraves asked the judge if he could have "five minutes in a locked room with this demon," referring to Nassar. The judge said she could not do that, so Margraves asked for just one minute. When the judge declined again, Margraves lunged at Nassar. Deputies had to tackle him.

"I want that son of a bitch," Margraves shouted," as he was taken to the floor be deputies. "Give me one minute with that bastard."

As he was escorted from the courtroom in handcuffs, the judge told Margraves his behavior was unacceptable. "Well you haven't lived through it, lady," he shouted back.

Margraves later apologized, telling the judge and then reporters that he'd lost control. "I feel very remorseful, very apologetic. I was embarrassed," he said.

In announcing that she would not charge Margraves with contempt of court, Judge Julie Cunningham called the incident "truly an immediate and emotional reaction of a father," she said.

Cunningham said a punishment wasn't appropriate based on the crimes committed by Nassar and the anguish felt by families, adding, however, that it's wrong to "combat assault with assault."

[Prosecutor: No More Charges For Nassar Despite New Reports]

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