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Science of Weather: Three Cedars Farm

It's that time of year, pumpkin season! Pumpkins have been plentiful this year, so I took a trip to Three Cedars Farm located in Northville. This farm has a lot of land to grow pumpkins and this year's up, and down Michigan weather has helped the pumpkin production.

Gary Whittaker, Owner of Three Cedars Farm says, "So we have 30 acres down south of here and then we have ten acres north of here. And then, of course, then we grow 17 acres of pumpkins here on the on the farm at Three Cedars."

The weather this year has helped the pumpkins thrive. Just look at this pumpkin patch!

Gary Whittaker, Owner of Three Cedars Farm explains, "The weather this year, which made the crops pretty good for the season, has been mainly that the temperatures have not been extremely hot all season long, even though you do need hot weather. But also you get some nice weather, cool evenings, warm evenings, the mixture and then of course with the rain is that we didn't get a lot of rain this year, but we just got it at the right time. So a lot of the people in the industry, we're just thankful for the rain that we got to help the pumpkin crop be successful this year."

Along with the weather pattern, timing is crucial for the pumpkin's growth cycle. And there's a wide variety of pumpkins here at Three Cedars Farm. Now that's the Science of Weather I'm Meteorologist Kylee Miller.

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