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Judge Greg Mathis To Build New Community Center, Affordable Housing On Detroit's Westside

(CBS DETROIT)-TV's Judge Greg Mathis is known for uplifting those who come before him in his courtroom, but he's also known for giving back and lifting up the community in his hometown Detroit.

"We happy we've been here for about 20 years just as a community center and now we want to expand our role and give the community something new," Judge Mathis said during an interview Wednesday.

Mathis says that will be a brand new 7000 square foot community center that will replace the current one on Greenfield and 7 mile.

"We're going to have mentorship program, we're going to have digital technology room for our young people to teach them STEM, we're going to have our seniors come we're going to have a day for them," Mathis said.

He says they will also provide therapy. Mathis made the announcement during an event at the center attended by community members and city official's.

"So important and so needed right here in the neighborhood I think it's going to be amazing," said Ray Solomon, General Manager for the City of Detroit Department of Neighborhoods.

Mathis says an empty space behind the center is the site for brand new affordable housing units.

"At this point we have 56 planned," Mathis said.

Mathis expects to break ground in the fall of 2021 and anticipant's completion in 2023. He says bringing this space right to the neighborhood was very important to him.

"It was Detroiters who voted me into office and I am forever grateful," Mathis said.

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