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WATCH: Andrew Rannells On Season 3 Of Showtime's 'Black Monday' & Playing Blair Pfaff

(CBS Local)-- Showtime is the place to be on Sunday, May 23 because "Black Monday" returns for its third season. The series stars Don Cheadle, Regina Hall, Andrew Rannells, Paul Scheer and Casey Wilson and this season everyone is up to no good as a murder mystery has broken out. The half hour chronicles the anniversary of the worst stock market crash in history that occurred on October 19, 1987 and it is still unclear who caused it.

CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith talked with Rannells about the new season, what it is like to work with Cheadle and his time on Broadway.

"It's been a real wild ride. I was super drawn to the script the moment I read it because it is not only a hilarious comedy with really hard jokes and it feels like an 80s throwback, which is really fun to do," said Rannells. "It's incredibly serialized in a way that a lot of half hour comedies are not. We follow some sort of strict plotline and this year with season three is very exciting because we get to do a big murder mystery. It's a high body count this year with a lot of unexpected characters getting offed at very unexpected times."

Rannells' character Blair Pfaff is testing the political waters in season three and that leads to many interesting things unfolding. While the actor loves playing this dynamic character, one of the best parts of the experience has been working with Cheadle.

"Don is incredibly intelligent and he's not only such a great actor, but he's a really wonderful producer," said Rannells. "It's been such an education to get work closely with him and see how that side of his brain works when we are talking about production and script development. I've really learned a lot from him in watching him develop these stories and how his mind works as a producer. I look at his body of work and I am amazed at the breadth of things."

"Black Monday" returns to Showtime on Sunday, May 23 at 10pm EST/PST. While Rannells has made a name for himself on television, he first sprung onto the scene thanks to his work on Broadway. The actor got the chance to be in two all-time great shows in "Book of Mormon" and "Hamilton" and he is so excited that Broadway will return this fall.

"It definitely felt like a huge piece of New York City was missing and I definitely think this is great news that a lot of shows are gearing up in mid-September," said Rannells. "I'm very anxious to get back to Broadway and I'm hoping that we can figure out the safest and most responsible way to do that. I think everybody in the theater community is eager to see how we are going to do that."

Stream seasons one and two of "Black Monday" right now on the Showtime app.

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