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Woman Accused Of Robbing Bank With 'AIDS Syringe' Allegedly Strikes Again

LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) - Police are accusing a 64-year-old woman of trying to rob a bank and it's not the first time she's been a suspect.

Officers say Datha Nation tried to hold up a Wells Fargo bank inside the Safeway on Ken Pratt Boulevard in Longmont, and they think she's done it before.

Nation was found sitting inside her car in the parking lot outside the Safeway. Police said they also found a note in the car indicating that she was going to rob the bank, demanding money, and telling tellers not to use a dye pack.

Police say a surveillance photo shows Nation in action robbing the bank. She's being charged with two attempted robberies and one aggravated robbery.

"On the June 9 (2010) robbery she has a note that indicated that she wanted money and that she would infect the teller with AIDS if they didn't cooperate," Cmdr. Jeff Satur with Longmont police said.

Satur says Nation then tried to rob the same Longmont bank two more times -- once in March and then again on Monday evening.

Datha Nation
An image of who police believe is Datha Nation in the bank (credit: Longmont Police Department)

Police believe Nation got nervous while waiting in line with her robbery note. Tellers said they recognized her from the first robbery.

"The second she walked in they identified her, knew who she was, and contacted the police immediately," Satur said. "I think that's part what part of what spooked her when she saw them on the phone."

Police are now looking to see if Nation is linked to other bank robberies with the same M.O.

Nation is still in Boulder Jail and declined CBS4's request for an interview.


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