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Suspect In Pregnant Woman Attack Seeks Trial Outside Boulder County

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) - Attorneys for a woman accused of attacking a pregnant woman and cutting her unborn baby from the womb want the trial moved out of Boulder County.

The change of venue is just one of the more than 30 motions filed by Dynel Lane's lawyers in the case. Lane has been charged with attacking Michelle Wilkins in March at Lane's Longmont home.

Wilkins was seven months pregnant when she was attacked, stabbed and her unborn baby cut out of her body. Lane allegedly left Wilkins for dead. She survived but the baby did not.

Michelle Wilkins
Michelle Wilkins (credit: Dr. Phil)

The other motions filed include motions to suppress evidence based on search warrants. The prosecution has filed written responses objecting to all of the motions.

Defense attorneys say Lane has no chance of getting a fair trial in Boulder County. They say media coverage has been "massive pervasive and prejudicial" and that the community has already rallied around Wilkins. They say the jury pool will be tainted.

The judge said she will issue a written ruling as fast as she can.

The prosecution has called first responders, officers who were the first to reach Wilkins that day, to testify about what they encountered.

Dynel Lane
Dynel Lane (credit: Longmont Police)

One officer described a bloody scene and even initially believed Wilkins was the suspect, not the victim, because dispatch told officers the victim was pregnant and Wilkins did not appear to be pregnant. Once the officer realized Wilkins was the victim, he described his initial disbelief and realization before rushing her to get medical help.

Longmont Stabbing Case
(credit: CBS)

Wilkins was not in court on Tuesday. Lane appeared in court with her lawyers. She has been in custody since her arrest. The motions hearing is expected to continue all day on Tuesday.

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