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Steamboat Springs struggles with where to put all the snow

Steamboat Springs struggles with where to put all the snow
Steamboat Springs struggles with where to put all the snow 01:43

You could call it a "Snowman-Cave," but Harris Greene just calls it a good time. 


His backyard in Steamboat Springs has turned into an open sky igloo-style bar, complete with one-story tall snow walls, a fire pit in the middle, an ice bar and multiple benches to sit on. 

That's all thanks to the massive amount of snow that's dropped in Steamboat this year. 

 "You could only do this in a place where it has, a lot," laughed Greene. 

Snow a lot it has, in Steamboat. So much so that the city is now saying they're concerned they may run out of space to put it. In the city when crews plow the roads, they blow it into the backs of trucks to get it out of the main streets, lest it piles up on the sides and blocks the shops and parking spaces. 

"We would be down to a one-lane road on the main strip if we didn't remove it," said street superintendent for Steamboat Springs, David Van Winkle.

Instead, they pile it up near the public works office, but that pile is getting dangerously tall...and wide for that matter. 


"You could take that snow and cover a football field...35 foot tall," Van Winkle estimated. "This year we are already at 80 thousand yards and I've got the rest of February and March to go." 

Van Winkled added he normally sees 60,000 to 70,000 feet in a total season, so we're well above average at this point. 

Still, all that snow is just more construction materials for Greene, who said he's happy with this year's rendition, but the real kicker was a few years back. 

"We had a dart board and everything," Greene laughed. 

He also has it wired to light up at night, which he insisted CBS News Colorado's Mountain Newsroom reporter, Spencer Wilson, come back to check out. 

He will agree so long as the aforementioned Rumplemintz is supplied.  

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