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Recall Election Voting Puts Spotlight On Voter Fraud Concerns

DENVER (CBS4)- Early voting is underway in the recall election of Colorado Senate President John Morse and accusations of voter fraud and intimidation are in the spotlight.

Angela Giron, John Morse
Sen. Angela Giron, left, and Sen. John Morse, right (credit: CBS)

Morse of Colorado Springs and fellow Democrat Angela Giron of Pueblo are the focus of a recall election for their support of gun control laws passed in Colorado.

Political activist John Caldara, president of the Republican-leaning Independence Institute, has decided to challenge Colorado's new election law.

Under the law passed this year voters can register to vote right up until the day of the election. The law states as long as you have an address, even if it is a motel room located in the district, and you intend to make it your permanent home, you can vote.

"I am announcing today I have the intention of making Senate District 11 my permanent home," said Caldara.

Caldara believes the law makes it too easy for people who don't live in the district to vote in the election.

"This intent of this law is very clear. It's to make a shell game out of moving voters to different districts," said Caldara.

"Being a resident means you have permanent intent to live, and you have your things, and your whole family, and you are bringing your whole life with you,' said Rep. Dan Pabon, a Democrat representing Denver.

Pabon accused Caldara of trying to manipulate the election.

"He's exposing himself to serious criminal liability and anybody who does this is going to be faced with a series of charges of voter fraud, trying to change the voter rolls," said Pabon.

Caldara insists he is simply exercising his voting rights under the new law.

"If this law isn't changed the future of Colorado elections, the winner goes to the campaign that has the most buses," said Caldara.

"So I guess the only thing I would suggest for John is make sure he has enough bail money in his checking account before he does this," said Pabon.

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