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Denver Center's 'Quixote Nuevo' Promises To Immerse Audiences In Tejano Culture

DENVER (CBS4) – In the final show of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Theater Company season, "Quixote Nuevo" promises to immerse audiences in the Tejano culture while delving into a storyline of individual purpose between life and death.

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The show, based in the fictional border town of La Plancha, Texas, is a modern twist on the original tale of Don Quixote. The storyline follows the tale of a man, Quixote, who is struggling with conquering his inner struggles during his final stages of life.

In an interview with CBS4's Dillon Thomas, actor Raul Cardona boasted of the production's storyline, Tejano music, beautiful puppets, choreography and comedy which were all formed by his peers.

"This story is important for all to come and explore," Cardona, who plays "Papa Calaca" in the production, said. "It is something powerful for audiences to watch."

Cardona is one of many on the predominantly Chicano cast, which brings greater representation for the broader Latino community to the performing arts stage in Denver.

"It is an honor to be here. It doesn't happen a lot, to have an almost full Chicano cast," Cardona said.

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The show, which runs more than two and a half hours, beautifully blends Spanish and English dialogue. It also immerses audiences in the Tejano culture through music, dancing and even the art of puppets.

While Cardona said the show promises to make audiences from all backgrounds laugh, he said it also will cause each person to walk away reflecting on themselves.

"One thing we all have in common is birth and death, nobody escapes that. And, dealing with your own demons is really at the base of this story," Cardona said. "(The show is) filled with love, struggle, comedy and an incredible journey of self-introspection and analysis. You have so much to unpack afterward. It is beautiful."

Cardona, speaking outside of the Wolf Theater, spoke at length about the talent and power behind the directors, writers, choreographers, musicians, designers and more who helped make the production the reality it is today.

In the halls of the Wolf Theater, the DCPA has installed displays of artwork and historic pieces related to the Tejano and Chicano cultures.

Cardona said he hoped audiences from all backgrounds would enjoy the show, which is in town through June 12. But, he said it was even more rewarding to show young Chicano and Latinos in Denver that their culture can be represented on the stage, too.

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(credit: DCPA)

"To see yourself reflected in your own stories you are watching, that is power," Cardona said. "I'm very grateful to Chris Coleman and the DCPA for honoring our cast with the opportunity to stand here and give this story to the rest of Denver."

LINK: Denver Center Quixote Nuevo


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