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Small Pieces Of United Airlines Flight 328 Becoming Collector's Items In Broomfield

BROOMFIELD, Colo. (CBS4) - Investigators started a new week focused on large pieces remaining on the ground from one of the engines on the Boeing 777 for United Airlines Flight 328, asking the public not to worry about smaller parts still on the ground. Broomfield police received more than 100 calls since the flight returned to Denver International Airport on Saturday. The department has been inundated and wants to prioritize other cases affecting their community.

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"We kept the pieces we find most interesting," Blaes Kane told CBS4 on Monday. "We've been out looking for about 30 minutes and we just been looking for these airplanes parts wondering if we can find anything else."

Kane was with his grandfather and two siblings at Commons Park looking for remaining pieces of the plane. They found some tinfoil and metal parts that could easily fit into their hands.

Broomfield police say the NTSB is focused on recognizable debris from the plane -- identifying information like the airline name, serial or part numbers, or pieces the size of a computer monitor or larger still should be handed over to investigators.

"It's a very unusual call for us, we were startled just like everyone else on Saturday," said Rachel Welte, public information officer for Broomfield police. "Our residents are absolutely amazing, they have been so helpful in getting out and aiding us in the search."

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If a plane part of that size is still on the ground, residents should not touch it and contact Broomfield police at their non-emergency number. By narrowing the search for remaining pieces, police will return their resources to responding to emergency calls.

When the plane turned around and flew back to Denver International Airport, pieces of the engine fell primarily in Broomfield. The flight was headed to Hawaii but returned safely, and no one was injured on board or on the ground.

"Just to see how much we didn't know about what goes into what we fly in to vacations and it's just really interesting, we're learning a lot," Kane said of the small pieces he and his family discovered on Monday. "We can remember it for the rest of our lives because this is something that not a lot of people get to experience."

plane parts
(credit: CBS)

If you find a part that investigators will want to know about, call Broomfield Police at 303.438.6400.

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