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Only karting track in Denver metro area set to close

Only karting track in Denver metro area set to close
Only karting track in Denver metro area set to close 02:35

Action Karting on the Bandimere Speedway property in Morrison is Gage Korn's kingdom. He drives miniature racing karts, and he's pretty good at it.

"I've upgraded to all the levels. I've done local like here and all the way to a world final. I'm going back this year," Korn said. "But here I race just like with my dad."

Gage Korn CBS

This is more than just his home track. It's where he fell in love with racing thanks to his father.

"My dad used to race before I was born drag cars right up here at Bandimere Speedway. I saw him race one time. I have a lot of memories here as a little kid," said Korn.

But he's not alone. Donnie Holder has owned action karting for five years and managed the track for 19 years before that. He says it is essential to fostering motorsports in Denver metro area kids.

Donnie Holder CBS

"Hundreds and hundreds of kids that I've seen and known and watched grow up out here over the years," said Holder. "This is a big staple to the karting community here in Colorado."

But the track's run is over. After more than 20 years, it will be closing when Bandimere Speedway does. Mike Weber the president of Colorado Karting Tour says that will leave a big hole in the Colorado karting scene.


"There are other tracks in the state. They do require quite a drive. This has become sort of the sort of the go-to for all karting," said Weber.

He hopes someone will step up and open a new one in the metro area.

"Whenever there's a void, hopefully we'll have something that's going to come along and fill it," said Weber.

That doesn't make this situation any easier for Donnie who isn't sure what his future holds, but is grateful to the racing community for the run he's had.


"You guys are a big part of this and what made this happen and made this continue happening," Holder said.

As for Gage, well it doesn't matter to him where he races, as long as he's racing, but he will miss Action Karting.

"It's kind of sad this place is closed, but hopefully they make a new track," said Korn.

There are three other karting tracks in Colorado one in Dacono, one in Calhan and one in Grand Junction.

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