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Kidnapping Thwarted: Deputies Tase Suspect Kerry Endsley, Accused Of Pointing Gun At 2 Hikers In Jefferson County

(CBS4) - A man was in the midst of apparently attempting to kidnap two hikers -- husband and wife -- on Friday morning in the southwestern part of the Denver metro area when law enforcement showed up. That man has been identified as Kerry Endsley, 73.

Kerry Endsley
Kerry Endsley (credit: Jefferson County)

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said a witness, a man who was hiking in the area, saw the entire encounter and called 911 just after 8 a.m. The hiker told authorities that he was on a trail near the 3600 block of S. Oak Way and saw two hikers being held at gunpoint by an adult male, later identified as Endsley.

The hiker stayed on the phone until deputies arrived on scene a few minutes later. Deputies located Endsley a short distance away and confronted him at gunpoint.  That's when Endsley failed to comply with commands and pulled a stun gun from his waistband and pointed it at deputies.

One of the deputies fired at Endsley and missed. A second deputy deployed his Taser and struck Endsley who was taken into custody.

The couple was not injured and was interviewed by deputies. Investigators learned that the husband and wife were hiking when they came across a man who was kneeling down and tying his shoe. As they walked past him, he confronted them with a handgun. The suspect ordered the woman to the ground and put a nylon leash around her neck. The suspect then ordered both victims to come with him. That's when the man was able to take the gun away from the suspect and the couple ran away.

"The suspect grabbed something that was described to me like a leash or a rope and put it around the neck of the female and ordered them to come with him," said Jefferson County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Jacki Kelley.

During the kidnapping, the couple realized that the suspect was Kerry Endsley, who was known to them. They didn't immediately recognize him because he had altered his physical appearance and disguised himself.

(credit: CBS)

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Endsley has a history of harassing the woman he held at gunpoint and there are police reports and a restraining order to reflect that.

"I mean this is not something that happens every day and of course, we are grateful for that. What we want to know are the circumstances what was the suspect trying to do," said Kelley.

Endsley has been arrested and being held for second-degree kidnapping, felony menacing and violation of a restraining order.

He is listed as a realtor with 40 years of experience and is involved in the sale of high-end homes.


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