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For The First Time In 6 Months, Part Of Colorado Has Disappeared From The Drought Map

DENVER (CBS4) - Although most of recent rain and snow in Colorado has not yet been captured by the drought map, all four drought categories in the state have improved from a week ago.

The official weekly drought monitor is released each Thursday morning but the data is collected 48 hours earlier. Therefore most of the rain and snow that fell across the state on Tuesday and Wednesday will not be calculated until next week.

Still, the improvement is good to see. For the first time since the week before Thanksgiving 2021, a small part of Colorado has been completely removed from the drought map. It's only 1% of the state and includes the town of Walden and most of North Park.

Drought Monitor Special
(source: CBS)

For Denver and the Front Range, there will virtually no change in the drought situation from a week ago but improvement should show up in the update next week. For now, all of the urban corridor continue to have moderate drought which is the lowest drought category other than "abnormally dry" which is the precursor to drought.

Drought Monitor FR
(source: CBS)

Statewide, moderate drought dropped 2% from a week ago. Severe drought fell 3% and extreme drought also went down 3%. The worse drought category (exceptional drought) fell about 2% and covers just the extreme southeast corner of Colorado near the Oklahoma stateline.

Earlier this week Denver officially received 1.23 inches of rain which brings the total for the year to just over 6 inches. In other words, about 20% of the precipitation we have received so far this year fell in less than 24 hours this week.

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(source: CBS)

Looking forward, there is no chance for widespread rain through at least the middle of next week. But late-day thunderstorms will bring rain to some areas on Friday and again Monday and Tuesday.

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