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Details emerge on carjacking incident that led to shooting leaves 18-year-old dead in Loveland

Details emerge after shooting in Lakewood leaves 18-year-old dead
Details emerge after shooting in Loveland leaves 18-year-old dead 01:52

One person is dead and another is hurt in Loveland after a possible carjacking and shooting.  

Police say just after 10:15 p.m. Friday night at least three people driving a white Dodge Ram 1500 pulled into the complex on 1st street.  

Two men jumped out and fired into a parked car hitting an 18-year-old sitting inside. The two men then carjacked that vehicle and attempted a getaway but they slid on some ice and wrecked into another parked car with someone in it.  

They got into an argument with the 16-year-old and shot him. The teen was able to run into an apartment and call for help.  

Meanwhile, the two carjackers jumped back into that white Dodge truck and took off. 

There is no description for the two shooters or the person driving the car other than the shooters were men who used shoulder-mounted guns in the incident. During the incident at least 10 shots were fired, according to Loveland's Police Chief, Tim Doran. 

He says the department's best lead to finding them is locating that white Dodge pickup. They say the more help they get from the community, the quicker they can get these men off the streets. 

If you have any information call the Loveland Police Department tip line at 970-962-2032 or Crime Stoppers of Larimer County at 970-221-6868. 

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