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Denver Activists Plan For Another Peaceful Rally After Ferguson Announcement

DENVER (CBS4) - After a peaceful but emotional protest in Denver on Monday night, community activists who are upset with the grand jury's decision in Ferguson say there will be another demonstration.

The rally will take the form of a candlelight vigil for Michael Brown, and it will take place on Tuesday at 6 p.m. on the west steps of Colorado's Capitol building.

Denver Protest Over Ferguson Grand Jury Announcement
People march on Nov. 24, 2014, in downtown Denver in solidarity with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. (credit: CBS)

Late Monday a large group gathered and marched around Denver's Civic Center Park to stand in solidarity with those in Ferguson, Missouri, who instantly began protesting after the grand jury's decision was announced Monday night. The decision was made not to charge Officer Darren Wilson in the August shooting death of Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old.

Officer Darren Wilson, Michael Brown
Officer Darren Wilson, Michael Brown (credit: CBS)

Many carried signs and yelled "Hands up, Don't shoot!" and some in the Denver march lay down in the street in protest.

Denver Protest Over Ferguson Grand Jury Announcement
People march on Nov. 24, 2014, in downtown Denver in solidarity with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. (credit: CBS)

Many in Denver decided they wanted to hear the grand jury announcement in a church setting. More than 100 people gathered at the Shorter Community AME Church near the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Colorado Boulevard.

They listened to the announcement in silence, and then afterwards many there said they were feeling frustration and sadness, and said the news was not really a surprise.

The scene inside Shorter Community AME Church Monday night (credit: CBS)

Some said the news speaks volumes not just about this generation, but generations to come.

"I'm hurt. I'm very emotional, for one, because I am pregnant right now and I'm carrying a son. I'm carrying a boy. It makes me feel like I have to work harder for my child to make sure he has a good life and he's safe and secure," said Chavon Jackson, who was at the church. "I just feel like there was no justice."

"Not to give him a trial, I'm a little disappointed," said another church attendee.

PHOTO GALLERY: Denver Protest Over Ferguson Grand Jury Announcement

Denver Police Chief Robert White was also among those at the church.

"We have to continue to work together," he told CBS4 after the announcement. "The police and the community -- we are one, we are the same. We have to be transparent and they have a voice as it relates to what happens with the police department.

"And we need to listen to that voice and we need to continue to partner to address the issues that are relevant to them."

Earlier on Monday Denver Mayor Michael Hancock issued a statement, saying "my hope is that this community, and our larger American community, will keep in mind that our response sets an example for our children. We can show them that by continuing to push for patience and tolerance, by working to build bridges between our community and safety officials, we can find solutions. We can join together in a call for peace and healing that leads to a better future for everyone.

On Sunday night Denver civil rights activist Alvertis Simmons told CBS4 he believes the time is now to create a safer dynamic between the police and African-Americans.

"We have a systematic, systemic problem in America that says law enforcement has a problem with African-Americans and minorities," Simmons said. "We must stop that systemic tide and we must change that tide in which we can work together."

The protesting in Missouri Monday night and early Tuesday morning wound up being very chaotic. Fires were set at Ferguson businesses and many windows were smashed. A total of 61 people there were arrested. There was some vandalism in nearby St. Louis as well, and 21 there were arrested.


In some other cities across the country demonstrations got unruly. Protesters blocked a freeway ramp in Seattle and disrupted traffic in New York City.

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