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Check out the roads less traveled in Colorado's mountains before planning your trip

Check out the road less traveled in Colorado's mountains
Check out the road less traveled in Colorado's mountains 02:22

The Colorado State Patrol is looking to curb out-of-state driver deaths with "Super Cruising" mountain road videos. After a reportedly sharp and startling increase in 2021 in traffic deaths in the southwest corner of Colorado, troopers are now taking it upon themselves to ride the most dangerous sections according to their data and take you along for the ride, too

Colorado State Patrol

The new program is only a few months old and has 7 videos so far of potentially dangerous paths like Monarch Pass and the path between Bayfield and Durango. 

"Maybe give them a heads up on how to be better prepared in terms of mountain driving and especially if they're driving any type of RV or pulling a trailer," Trooper Josh Lewis explained. 

Colorado State Patrol

When asked if there were more videos on the production line, Lewis said he couldn't say for sure, but wanted to make sure that the videos were helping to curb what they have already seen with fatal crashes. 

"It was a pretty sharp increase from 2020 to 2021. And that was why we had a larger focus on the southwestern portion," Lewis said. 

That doesn't count out the potential for other notoriously dangerous areas for Colorado and out-of-state drivers alike, but the data will have to lead the way in terms of which areas would be picked next for the drive-along treatment.  

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