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Bobcat spotted in Denver area neighborhood, Broomfield police officers "monitoring situation"

A large bobcat was spotted in a neighborhood in Broomfield on Friday morning and police said they were monitoring the situation. Bobcats, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, "are secretive and seldom seen" and generally aren't a threat to people or pets.

Broomfield Police

Broomfield police shared a photo on Facebook of the animal which was taken in the Ridgeview Heights area. The animal can be seen walking across a driveway of a home near the intersection of Kohl Street and Hemlock Way. That's right by Kohl Elementary School.

Police say the bobcat was last seen in the open space northwest of Iris Street and 18th Avene.

Anyone who spots the bobcat is asked to call Broomfield Police Department at 303-438-6400.

Some people who commented on the Facebook post said have seen other bobcats in the Broomfield area recently and that they hope the animal will come to no harm. One commenter said that while bobcats aren't likely to hurt humans or dogs, they might pose a threat to backyard chickens.

Travis Henry shared the following comment: "Slow news day? Awesome to look at, so thanks for the picture, but not sure why anyone is all riled up about this wildlife being spotted in our area."

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