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Someone You Should Know: Swan Keepers Of Cedar Lake, Ind.

(CBS) – It's a father and son business and it's totally unique. You've probably never heard of anyone who raises swans for a living, but that's what they do.

Randy and Josh Groen are both someone you should know, CBS 2's Harry Porterfield reports.

And the trumpets shall sound. We're talking about the trumpeter swans that are found at Groen's Wildlife Services in Cedar Lake, Ind. Randy Groen started the business 30 years ago with just one pair of swans, and that grew into the business of renting them.

"You rent them to keep the geese off the ponds, we rent them out for weddings, just for pictures. It just built up and built up. We ship swans all over the United States,' Randy Groen says.

Groen has a total of some 300 swans comprising eight varieties. Among the swans in one holding tank are birds from Australia and Russia. Described by some as one of the most elegant of all birds, their up keep is expensive.

And yet, Randy Groen adds, "It's a lot easier than dealing with people."

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