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Surviving The Heat At The Last Day Of Lollapalooza

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Thousands are trying to find shade and stay hydrated as Sunday's high temperatures appear to be taking a toll on music lovers attending the last day of Lollapalooza.

CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports from the festival at Grant Park.

Fatigue is starting to set in on a lot of the faces here at Lollapalooza as the heat continues to be a factor.

Through the first three days of the festival, there have been 119 people taken to hospitals. The heat certainly a contributor for some of those.

Lollapalooza made it easier to stay hydrated by supplying about 20 percent more hydration stations throughout Grant Park.

You can't bring liquids in, so many drinking water and getting hydrated before they walk through the gate.

"They have the water stations and the little fans cooling you off. If you know where to go you can stay cool," said festival attendee Landri Berman.

"It's been pretty intense this year, I'm not gonna lie. The heat this year has been crazy," said attendee Abraham Caballero.

So far this has been largely an incident free weekend. Only seven arrests and 23 citations.

But those who have powered through and are here for the fourth straight day, they are looking forward to having another safe and fun day.

And some unique memories were definitely made this weekend.

"I was taking a video, just singing with my friend, and this kids comes in the back of the video and he starts singing with us and his tooth fell out in the video! I have it on video this guy's tooth fell out. Pretty crazy. Best story of Lollapalooza, for sure," said Berman.



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