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Jackie Robinson West Might Leave Little League For Another Youth League

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The ousted leader of Jackie Robinson West has begun maneuvering to keep control of the team, in the wake of the cheating scandal that led to JRW being stripped of the Little League national title.

Bill Haley, whose father founded Jackie Robinson West, has told representatives of two other youth baseball programs he feels betrayed by Little League International, and he's interested in moving JRW to another league.

Tossed out from his leadership position amid a cheating scandal, Haley has approached the Cal Ripken League and the Babe Ruth League about a possible move, according to a statement from Henderson Adam LLC, the law firm JRW hired last month.

"JRW parents and coaches feel strongly that Little League International inappropriately treated JRW children and parent volunteers, especially when Little League intentionally decided to announce the proposed change regarding the championship title to their corporate partner, ESPN, before speaking with JRW parents, coaches and children. This insensitive act by Little League International is a critical factor affecting JRW's decision to explore other opportunities," the statement said.

Last month, Little League international announced all of Jackie Robinson West's wins from 2014 were being vacated, and the team was being stripped of its national and regional titles from the Little League World Series.

The league said an investigation determined JRW officials violated league rules by enlisting players who lived outside the team's boundaries. JRW was accused of purposely redrawing the team's official boundaries in order to pick up a couple key players who were ineligible to play on JRW's all-star squad in tournament play.

The league also suspended JRW manager Darold Butler, removed District 4 administrator Mike Kelley, and placed JRW on probation until Haley and his mother – who had been listed as the JRW president – were replaced.

JRW hired attorney Victor Henderson last month, and asked him to gather information about the allegations against the team, and the investigation by Little League International. Henderson has said talk of a lawsuit over the league's decision is premature until he gathers all the facts.

Several elected officials and other prominent supporters of JRW have demanded Little League International reinstate the team's titles, but the league has said its decision is final.

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