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Chicago Blackhawks leadership talks future of Kane, Toews with team

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CHICAGO (CBS) – The Chicago Blackhawks open training camp on Thursday and it's the first run together for the duo of general manager Kyle Davidson and head coach Luke Richardson.

While this may be the latest of many runs for Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, who are still with the team in the final year of their eight-year deals, Toews is on the record as saying he's not interested in being part of a long-term rebuild.

But it doesn't sound like he and Kane are leaving anytime soon.

"We didn't have any intention of making any of those moves and they didn't have any intention on going anywhere," Davidson said. "So we were both mutually focused on the season. If it comes to that at some point, we'll cross that bridge when we get there, but we're certainly not there right now."

Richardson said, "I've talked to them, probably the most and they seem great. I know they probably have some questions and some wonder. That's all of us. I think there's a lot of new young players coming in and we want to make sure we're building something and we talked to them about that. They seem right on page and they want to be a part of this right now at the start anyways. I think that's all we can ask for the players and I think like they look like they're coming in prepared and have smiles on their faces."

Richardson added the team understands Kane and Toews' desire to be on a competitive team.

Kane was the team's points leader during the 2021-2022 season, during which the Blackhawks went 28-42.

The Blackhawks will play in the first exhibition game against the St. Louis Blues on Sept. 27.

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