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Zo & Bertrand: A Tom Brady DeflateGate Settlement Is Not Going To Happen

BOSTON (CBS) -- It's the story that never ends, yet there are plenty of theories among fans and media alike about how to make DeflateGate go away.

Zolak and Bertrand would like to quickly squash the idea that a settlement would do the trick.

"Because now all of a sudden cool heads are gonna prevail," joked Zolak.

After well over a year, the idea that the league would be willing to settle with Tom Brady on a reduced suspension has become a popular theory, but Beetle isn't buying it. If they haven't settled before, why would they now?

"Even when they were on the ropes, so to speak, there was no real willingness to get to a settlement. So why would they do it now?," asked Beetle. "Why would they do it now? Why? They won. This is it. They won. And yes, there are opportunities for other things including en banc or it going all the way to the Supreme Court depending on what happens with the Adrian Peterson case, but a settlement now? I think it's insane, I think it's ludicrous. There's no way. I heard that it would be good for the league because it'd somehow get Robert Kraft back on their side or they'd have a good relationship again. And then what?"

Some have also theorized that the players would go on strike at the end of the current CBA to protest the power given to Roger Goodell.

Beetle again doesn't think so.

"These owners are going to beat the bag out of these players until the end of time. They're just gonna keep winning because these players don't plan well enough to want to miss game checks," said Beetle. "I'd like to see them fight back for once, but I doubt it. It's gonna be about their money."


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