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When is the best time to get your flu shot?

When is the best time to get your flu shot?
When is the best time to get your flu shot? 00:58

BOSTON – Flu season is around the corner and people should pay close attention to the timing of their flu vaccine.

We often look to our friends "Down Under" to get a sense of how bad our flu season will likely be, and there was an unusually early and large surge in flu cases in Australia this year. We may experience the same, in large part due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

We saw lower rates of flu last season which means there may be less immunity in the community leading up to this season, which could lead to higher rates of infection and more severe disease.  

Health officials say the best time for most people to get vaccinated is in September and early October. If you get it too early, your immunity may wane before flu season is over. And if you get it too late, you may not be protected when flu cases begin to rise.  

Also, keep in mind, that some young children may need two doses, so getting their first dose now should be fine. And people 65 and older should opt for the higher potency vaccines for added protection.

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