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Weekend Weather Forecast Timeline: Rain, Flooding, Sunshine

BOSTON (CBS) - Nothing like a tropical storm to start off your weekend right? No doubt there are numerous graduations, parties, cookouts and little league games going on this weekend, so I will try and spell things out as clearly and precisely as possible here.

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First of all, while this is a tropical system, there is no need to be concerned with it strengthening, in fact by the time it reaches our latitude early Saturday, it will likely be called something like "The Remnants of What Once Was Tropical Storm Andrea."

Now through 7 pm: light to moderate rain, some heavier bands…

7 pm through 4 am: The peak of this rain event…torrential, pounding rain at times…several inches will fall in a 6-12 hour period, leading to flooding.

Saturday, 4 am through 8 am: Rain tapers in intensity and shuts off completely from south to north by the end of this time period.

9 am to 1 pm: Clouds lift and erode from south to north…sunshine will appear first in southern and western sections, then everywhere by midday/early afternoon

Afternoon/Early Evening: Partly sunny, dry, 70s

8 pm-Midnight: A brief shower may come through, maximum of an hour or two, then clearing

Sunday: Partly sunny, warm, dry, 75-80.

By far the greatest threat for Southern New England will be heavy, flooding rainfall. There will be urban and poor drainage flooding, ponding on roadways and some small stream flooding. If you live in a flood-prone area, you should monitor the situation closely tonight.

We are expecting a fairly widespread 2-3" of rainfall by Saturday morning with some pockets as much as 4 or even 5" well to the north and west. Slightly lower amounts are forecast over Cape Cod and the Islands due to the track of the storm passing nearby (the heaviest rain with these systems is always to the north and west of the storm track).

There is no real wind concern with this event. Given the track, the highest gusts will be over the Cape and Islands between 10pm and 6am Tonight…gusts will range from 20-40mph during that time. Inland, winds should not be too gusty, perhaps 10-20mph on average.

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