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WATCH: Vince Wilfork Dances To 'Wanna Be A Baller' While Barbecuing

BOSTON (CBS) - We haven't seen or heard much from Vince Wilfork since the veteran nose tackle went down in Week 4 of 2013 with a season-ending injury, but luckily for us, video surfaced of him yesterday courtesy of his wife Bianca.

The Wilforks celebrated their Memorial Day like the rest of us, relaxing and enjoying some fine food on the grill. However, a normal Weber wouldn't suffice for Vince.

The 32-year-old is equipped with a professional, vertical smoker and appears very pleased with his cooking skills as he dances to Lil' Troy's famous "Wanna Be A Baller" track.

His wife Bianca, who you can follow on Instagram @mrs75, caught the whole thing on camera and posted it to her 11,079 followers.

By all indications, Vince's torn Achilles seems to be rested and fine:

Afterwards, Vince realized he had been caught on tape and threw up the classic "This-is-going-on-the-internet, isn't-it?" face:

Wilfork was due to cost the Patriots $11.6 million against the cap this season, but instead agreed to an extension and restructuring to the tune of three years and $22.5 million. So hopefully we have plenty more Cooking With Vince videos.

Bill Belichick has been put on notice:

Cooking with Bill Belichick by SportsMockLive on YouTube


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