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Performers from "Voices of Hope" using stage talents in fight against cancer

Performers from "Voices of Hope" using stage talents in fight against cancer
Performers from "Voices of Hope" using stage talents in fight against cancer 02:24

BOSTON – As you enter the rehearsal space for the Voices of Hope, there is a sign that reads "Who do you sing for?"

Voices of Hope is a non-profit, volunteer-based theater program that raises money for cancer research.

"I founded this for my mother in 2009. She passed from pancreatic cancer," Voices of Hope president Greg Chastain said. "People are living longer because of the immune therapies and targeted drugs that they are doing but it's still not a life saving procedure."

All of the cast members and performers in the program have in some way or another had their lives impacted by cancer.

So as they practice the musical Matilda, it's all being done with a bigger purpose.

"Watching the kids really embrace what they are doing and embrace not only the show itself and the message of the show, but the mission of Voices of hope, has been phenomenal," Diane Meehan, producer of the Voices of Hope Summer Youth Program, said.

"It's a nice moment to reflect on, this is a lot of fun and it did a lot of good. Nearly a million dollars worth of good," added Jon DiPrima, the program's artistic director.

Since 2009, Voices of Hope has donated $891,000 to cancer research and over half a million dollars to the Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies at the MGH Cancer Center.

"Voices of Hope is even better because not only are we using our talents because it's fun, we are using it to help people," performer Greg Mercado said.

"I love being able to do something fun that I enjoy and letting other people enjoy it, while fighting off this terrible disease," added performer Mads Meehan.

For more information on Voices of Hope, visit their website.

"Seeing afterwards, how much the show has meant to other people not just myself.  It makes it all worthwhile," said performer Dasia Allen. 

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