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Video Shows Nashua Police Using Taser On Woman After iPhone Dispute

NASHUA, NH (CBS) – A trip to the mall turned into a violent confrontation for a Newton woman trying to buy iPhones.

Xiaojie Li
Xiaojie Li was arrested at Pheasant Lane Mall

Xiaojie Li bought two of the phones earlier in the week at the Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua and wanted to get two more, but was told she could not. She then ordered them online to be picked up at the same Apple store. When she tried to pick them up Tuesday, a manager told Li to leave.  She says she didn't understand.

A police officer tried to escort her out of the store, but says she refused to go and then resisted arrest.

Video from YouTube shows Li struggling with officers on the floor outside the store. Police eventually pulled out a taser and used it to subdue Li.

Li's screams could be heard throughout the crowded mall.

Watch Raw Video Of Incident

Li's fiance, John Hugo, spoke to WBZ-TV about the incident. He says, "They threw her on the ground, they threw her around, they bruised her all over the place, they handcuffed her way too hard."

"For whatever reason the store didn't want her there," says Nashua Police Captain Bruce Hansen. "And this time of the year, you got to do something pretty extreme to want a store owner to not want to do business with you."

Photos show the injuries Li sustained during the arrest. She claims other people were allowed to buy more than two iPhones, and was upset that she was unable to.

"Her sense of security is shattered," says Hugo. "You can tell just by looking at the poor girl, she wants to go back to China now because she's afraid of civil rights violations in America. Think about that."

Li had $16,000 in cash on her at the time of the incident. She has hired a lawyer to fight her charges, saying police overreacted.

The amount of iPhones you are allowed to buy depends on where you shop. One Apple Store WBZ-TV called said customers could only buy two a time. Another said there was no limit. There has been no comment yet from Apple on this particular case.

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