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Group workouts in old bank vault in Lynnfield building fitness and relationships

"Feeling stronger," Group workouts in old bank vault building fitness and relationships
"Feeling stronger," Group workouts in old bank vault building fitness and relationships 02:28

LYNNFIELD - As people are changing the way they exercise, Vault Training in Lynnfield has already adapted. The space is inside an old bank vault and owner Meghan Caprio had a vision.

"I came in and saw and I knew that this was the perfect size. I don't need a huge space. I want to have just the right amount of people where everyone can get to know each other," she told WBZ-TV.

The group training is extremely supportive and it's mostly women lifting weights and going through the circuits. Caprio and her crew are here to keep you going.

"I wanted people to come in and feel like this is where I belong. I'm going to learn here and I'm going to feel safe here, I'm going to be pushed here," she said. "There's a little bit more of a stereotype in what kind of a woman's fitness space is and a men's fitness space and I'm glad I have been able to bridge the gap."

"We have them using equipment that they have never used before or doing exercises that they would not have done on their own. A lot of times, they don't think they can do it and once we put them through it and once we get them going, they are kind of shocked." Vault trainer Carly Fortier told WBZ.

The group setting is the key here. Everybody pulling for another.

"She gave me that individualized exercise program but also gave me the motivation of a whole group," said Vault client Christine Green.

"I think it just helps you get motivated when you know you are looking forward to a class. It's a friendly group. Everyone is local, which is nice, you develop those connections," Vault client Chris DeCarlo told WBZ.

And the goals reached by the clients have the Vault training staff humbled.

"It's really a good feeling knowing that someone walks out of here feeling stronger and having that sense of accomplishment and then going off on their day," Caprio said.

For more information, visit their website.

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