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Unidentified Deer Island Toddler Had Pierced Ears, Police Say

WINTHROP (CBS) -- The unidentified toddler found dead on Deer Island last month had pierced ears, Massachusetts State Police said Thursday.

The identity and cause of death of Baby Doe, who police estimate was 4 years old when she died, is still a mystery. A computer-generated image of the toddler released by police, now updated to include earrings, has been seen more nearly 50 million times.

"We have confirmed through the Office of Chief Medical Examiner that the toddler had pierced ears," State Police said in a statement.

The artist who created the image says this new information could help solve the mystery.

"Pierced ears is an identifier," says forensic artist Christi Andrews. "So if you know a child - especially a child this young - three or four years old that has pierced ears, that's a significant identifying detail."

The girl's body was found in a trash bag on Deer Island on June 25. Police have been following up on hundreds of tips that have poured in, but haven't turned up anything.

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"Nobody deserves that kind of ending," Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley said this week. "She deserves to have her identity known to the public."

State police have discounted any connection to missing girls Ayla Reynolds from Maine and Aliayah Lunsford of West Virginia.

She was about 3.5 feet tall, weighed about 30 pounds and had brown eyes and brown hair.

Investigators also released pictures of a pair of leggings and a zebra blanket that were inside the trash bag where the girl was found.

Deer Island Girl
A blanket and pants that were found with a girl who was found dead on Deer Island. (Images: Massachusetts State Police)

Authorities said it does not appear the girl had been on the beach for very long.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Suffolk County State Police Detective Unit at (617) 727-8817, Massachusetts State Police at (508) 820-2121 or Winthrop Police at (617) 539-5806.

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