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Toucher & Rich With Ian Rapoport: The Belichick Documentary

NFL Films wired up Bill Belichick for the 2009 season, making him the first person ever wired for an entire season by NFL Films, for a 2 part documentary.

Ian Rapoport attended a special viewing before part 1 airs on September 15th. He spoke with Toucher & Rich about his tweeting from the movie theater and his thoughts on what he saw.

There is much buzz around this film as many fans are excited to see a side of Belichick that only people close to him may know. Rapoport found out just how excited people are while he was at the screening of the documentary tweeting about what he was watching. He received so many messages from upset fans that he stopped halfway through.

Many people who we have talked to including Scott Zolak have said that Belichick has a great sense of humor. Did we get a glimpse of that? They also discussed the emotional scene of him visiting the Giants facility where it all began in 1979.

Get a sneak peek for yourself here.

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