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Toucher & Rich: Against Ray Hudson's Advice, Adolfo Tries Play-By-Play Again

BOSTON (CBS) - Soccer broadcaster Ray Hudson was anything but complimentary of Adolfo's play-by-play skills when Toucher & Rich had him on:

"Horrific. An insult to my profession! I would not poison my mouth even describing Adolfo. Talk about a verbal gymnast! I mean, that poor lad. He was as adept with his verbals as a three-legged giraffe on roller skates let me tell you! Adolfo just stick with your button pushing, pal. Keep away from the microphone! KEEP AWAY FROM THE MICROPHONE Adolfo!"

Hudson's criticism was noted, but that won't stop Adolfo from achieving his dream of calling professional sports.

Adolfo called four sporting events recently, the only problem is we can't figure out what they are.

Listen and see if you can decipher his gibberish!

Adolfo Does Play By Play


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